lonely fairyGood morning my darklings.  I know I haven’t been doing my daily postings like I said I would but there just hasn’t been much to say.  No casual sarcasm.  Nothing witty or helpful.  I think maybe I should just post a few times a week instead of everyday.  That way I can save up anything interesting and have good stuff to write about instead of staring at the blank screen with my coffee getting cold and my cigarette burning down.

I tried to get my license renewed yesterday and got rejected because my eyesight is so bad.  So today I get to go to the eye doctor and get a new pair of glasses.  The sun is really painful so I’ll have to get sunglasses too.  I’m thinking about getting some Prescriptive lenses.  That way I won’t have to switch back and forth.  I also have a real issue with losing my glasses and a daughter who likes to destroy them if she can find them before me.  If they’re on my face all the time the chances of destruction or loss will be cut way down.  My husband even wants me to get one of those chain things so they can hang around my neck.  I might do it if I can find something funky enough but I’m not going little old lady style.  I still have a few weeks before I’m 35.  I’m not that old yet. 😛

But new glasses will make it easier to write and read.  I won’t have to lean in until I’m inches away.  That does make the writing uncomfortable.  And maybe editing won’t be so bad because I won’t miss so much.  I don’t know.  I’m sure I still won’t like it but it will get done faster and that I will enjoy. 🙂  I’m sure my agent will appreciate it too. lol

So the missions of the day, after getting all the kids to school, are going to eye doctor, get glasses and go get a license before it expires.  Then maybe I can do something I like, like writing.  🙂