apothicaryGood morning my darklings.  I remembered yesterday that my son’s first science fair project was due this week.  Okay, tomorrow.  Since it was his first, he was going to need some help.  I spent a chunk of the day yesterday running around gathering supplies.  Little did I know, until it was too late, that my printer was out of color ink.  But it got finished and will be turned in early.  Thank goodness.

It made me think about old-time apothecaries which led me to thinking about the kind I’d like to have one day.  It wouldn’t have to be big, just something I could hang on the wall with little bottles full of dried flower petals my herbs, oils and roots that I use in some spells.  And I’d like to have a spot to hold my different colored charm bags and crystals.  I would have to find somewhere else for the candles though.

Maybe below that I could have a little altar set up.  It would be so nice to be able to take all of my witchy stuff out of the box I have to hide it in and have it out in the open where I could find everything easily.  I guess I’ll have to wait for my writing room for that to happen but it was a really nice thought and looked great in my head.  All gothic witchiness.

For now, though, I suppose I’ll just have to do with my box and science fair projects.  By the time those are done, someone should be moving out to go to college and free up a room. lol  That’ll be the time the girls decide that can’t stand each other and need separate rooms and I’ll have to wait some more. :S  One day it will happen.  I just have to be patient and use science fair projects as a countdown to when it will.  🙂