tarotGood morning my darklings.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but the only time I usually have to do it is while everyone is sleeping and that didn’t quite work out.  But today is another day and I promised to post as much as I could and here’s the one for today.

I have some important stuff to do today and one of those is a trip to my favorite store., Crystals, Cauldrons and Candles.  Just walking into that store makes me calmer.  When we write and put down words about someone walking through an invisible veil and feeling different is exactly how I feel when I go there.  The scent of incense envelops me.  I know there will be things that fascinate me and make me want to learn more just so I can use them and there’s no judgment whether you’re there for witchcraft, Wicca, Voo Doo or whatever.  There will be beautiful things and the pulse of magic.  One deep breath inside those doors and I’m a happier person.

But this month is my birthday and I plan on getting myself an early present, or two, along with my necessities.  The one thing I know I’ll be getting for sure is a new deck of Tarot cards.  The kids destroyed some of each of my others and a deck that isn’t full is, as you know, worthless.  I’ve felt a little lost and I’ve had friends have to go without reading because I just couldn’t do them.  That will change today and I’m excited.

My muse has given me a gift as well.  Yesterday I got the best idea for a piece of flash fiction that I plan on submitting.  I’ve been lazy until lately about my short stories until lately.  Still writing the novels but I still have to grow the ever important bio.  So today will be writing and my witch store.  I predict a good day. 🙂