up all night witchGood morning my darklings.  It is dark out there too.  It was really dark when I woke up at 1am.  By 1:30 I’d given up of going back to sleep.  You know the feeling you get when you want to sleep but your body says, “Nuh uh.  You’re up for good now, Kiddo.”  That’s what I got.

So now at almost 6, I’ve watched a horror movie, read, written a couple of pages, washed dishes and done two loads of laundry.  That should be enough for the whole day, right?  Yeah, I know there’s cleaning to be done but I’m taking a nap sometime today.  I’m cutting myself off the coffee after this pot and have a nice Xanax later.  I’m sure the non-sleeping extra anxiety will kick in eventually anyway. 😛

Okay, I’ll fess up and in between these paragraphs, I read until I fell asleep for a little but I learned my lesson.  The half hour my brain decided to shut down had me running late to get my oldest daughter ready for her school bus.  I had her done early though so I have to give myself a pat on the back for that one.  Lesson learned. 🙂  This cancels the afternoon nap though.  But that will give me more time to write.  And do laundry. 😉