enough fairyGood morning darklings.  I’m not feeling so good myself.  I feel like the fairy in that picture.  Like I’ve had enough and like her skulls, only bad things happen when I feel that way.  I don’t mean to do it but things will go wrong in the most impossible way and I get to spend hours at a car dealership getting my car fixed feeling like this.

I need a spell.  A good cleansing.  Something.  And then a few good hours at the computer writing to get this out of me.

After spending spring break with the kids bored out of their minds and thus being bad or at least troublesome, I should be feeling great because today they go back to school.  So that is an up but I expect a phone call to get my daughter from school since she was up all night after smashing her face into the corner of her bed resulting in a nice cut and swollen, bruised eyelids.  That, my darklings, was the final straw.

So I don’t make this post a complete bummer, I have found a new wish spell to try out once the full moon comes back around.  All it takes is some silver ribbon and a tree that calls to me.  I wonder if it will be one with enough branches for all my wishes and if I can get my passion for them back by the full moon.

I found another that requires 3 candles in a dish of sugar and calling on St. Raphael, St. Anthony and St. Gabriel that I could do anytime but now isn’t the time, I think  Who am I kidding.  This is the most blah blog I think I’ve ever written.  I don’t even feel like posting it but I’ve got a responsibility to blog and no one’s happy all the time, right?

Maybe things will get better and I’ll tweet something to that extent later.  Maybe I’ll tweet as things go wrong so I can keep count.  We’ll see.