psychic fairyGood morning my darklings.  I hope you all had a good Easter.  Even for a weirdo like me I like to spend the time with my family hanging out, eating and having unlimited chocolate to snag from my kids baskets. 🙂  Of course chocolate has got to very close to universally loved.  Mix it with some peanut butter like, say, a chocolate covered peanut butter egg and I may do just about anything to get it. lol

Anyway the questions today are do you believe in psychic powers ?  I’ve been practicing on sending out my will and so far it’s been working.  I think I’ve told the story of my husband and me arguing and when I got really mad the flourescent lights around us blew out, not exploded or anything, but when my anger peaked they flickered and went out.  And I’ve always had dreams that come true.  It was a silly one last time.  I dreamed I told my son to give me the remote control and he threw it to me.  It fell to the floor and the batteries scattered and we couldn’t find them.  Then when I woke up, he had the remote, I asked him for it but he told me it wasn’t working.  So I took it to check and there were no batteries in it.  Like I said, a simple one but one that you could correlate I think.

So I’m working on these type of things like a muscle I’m trying to grow and so far it’s been working pretty well with small stuff.  I’m not saying I’m moving objects or anything, lol, but I’m getting success most of the time.  This fits in with writing because the horror side project has a girl who I’m going to give latent psychic powers that she has to learn to use and I was wondering what people thought of that.

Obviously I believe and naturally the story is a work of fiction, but is it something that I’m doing that I can put in there that would work with horror.  God doesn’t save the day in this one.  If I decide to let there be a semi-happy ending (because there are no completely HEAs in horror), would it be a good thing.  I haven’t decided and the time is approaching where I’ll have to make that decision.  I’m leaning towards it but opinions of others are welcome to.  And I really am curious.  Do you believe it’s possible?