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The Waiting

red cloak witchGood morning my darklings.  Tom Petty was so right when he sang the waiting is the hardest part.  I’m not a big fan of his, maybe a greatest hits CD.  Maybe.  But he hit the nail on the head with that line.

Don’t get me wrong, I submitted my book to a publisher with an excellent turn around time and they use Submittable  so I can check the progress.  And I told myself I’ve waited this long, I would be a bigger person and be patient.  Not obsessively check my email or the books progress.  Four weeks is not a long time.  But I can’t do it.  I’ve already checked the progress thing three times and I just submitted it about 24 hours ago. lol

But that hanging out there, with something you made waiting to be judged is hard and scary as hell.  Suppose my first time out without an agent it gets slammed?  I can handle it but it means finding another place with possibly not such a good turn around time and doing it all again.

And I will do it again.  And again until someone publishes my book.  I believe in it.  I believe in my dream and my sign from the other day.  This may require a spell tomorrow. 🙂  I know, cheater. lol

Of course, I could have success just as well.  I’ve had short stories published and just that is enough to give me that electric jolt of joy.  I can only imagine what it would be like to get that feeling for my book or how long it will last.  Forever maybe?  Until I can do it again?

No matter what happens, there will be no end to my writing and the waiting game.  I always lose because patience is a virtue I lack but I keep on playing the game. 🙂


I’ve Gotten My Sign

edgar poeGood morning my darklings.  I have received a sign that I have done the right thing and am on the right track.  It may sound silly or simple but I telling you the whole story behind it anyway. 🙂 Edgar Allan Poe is my writing soul mate.  He’s dark and mysterious.  He’s buried here in Baltimore.  I was the only 6th grader devouring compilations of his writing and that may be where my weird girl title first came from. lol In so many ways that are too many for me to go into, he pops into my life at the most unexpected moments and the strangest ways. So yesterday I was at the grocery store in the check out line and that’s when I got my sign.  The man in front of me had a tattoo that took up his complete forearm of Edgar and looked very similar to the picture in this post.  There he was again, popping into my life just when I needed him. I was unsure and anxious, wondering about my writing career and he shows up on the forearm of a complete stranger. lol This is one of those sleepless nights for me and I decided to use the time researching agents and publishers.  I found one that I liked and, after a few changes, I submitted my book.  I wish I could say that the sign meant my book was going to be accepted but I’m going to have to play the wait and see game just like every other writer trying to make it out there in this business.  But I knew that I had made the right decisions and it was time to start moving forward again.  Let’s hope for publication. 🙂

Busy Weekend

angel with swordGood morning my darklings.  This weekend has been a busy one.  It was my birthday yesterday and for those of you who wished me a good one, even with pictures of clowns (Carrie lol), thank you.

There have been some big changes for a Taurus like me who doesn’t like change.  One, I turned 35 which for some reason seems to be like entering another era of my life.  Not bad, just…different from the others.  A sign maybe.  The other big change is I’ve cut from my agent.  That’s very scary as she’s has the only original copy of my first book and that’s got to be shopped around.  But it’s also kind of freeing.  Once I get it back, my book will be solely mine again.

I can try to find a new agent.  Or approach a publisher myself.  Or I could try to self e-publish it.  But the important thing is that it will be home where I can learn to love it again instead of it being this stagnant creation that sat around not doing much of anything except make me doubt myself and my creativity.  But while waiting, I did get myself published 12 times in magazines and anthologies, so I can’t suck, right? lol

So now is the start of a big journey for me.  Finding out day by day what 35 has in store for me.  Hopefully mostly good things. 🙂  And aside from my book, trying something new.  I started writing poetry before I wrote a book, but my first idea was to compile the poems into one book and call it Poems For The Darker Soul.  Because you know my poetry has to be just this side of morbid. lol  So maybe I’ll give that a try to.  And I’m going to continue to write my short horror but now I could possibly write a novel length horror.

I thought not having an agent would be scary and it is a little but I’m going to try and look on the bright side.  I have people to help and back me up.  And I still believe my book is worthy of publishing.  It’s just my job to get it done now.

Casting For a Friend

castingGood morning my darklings.  I have a special job to do.  I’ve been studying up on it for a while this morning.  I’ve checked oils, powders, stone, prayers, magic lamps, baths.  Everything.  I’ve come up with some good stuff that I think will work.

The problem will be getting my friend’s boyfriend to do any of these things.  He needs uncrossing and protection.  Some of those things I can do from here but others, better ones, he needs to participate in them.

Now this is one of my best friends and they’ve been together for a long time.  Everything that affects him affects her.  She’s a sensitive and she can tell there is something clinging to him so I naturally want to help them.

I think the best course of action would be for me to continually do what I can from here and get her to convince him to take an uncrossing bath.  It requires some herbs placed in a warm bath.  He’ll have to completely go under the water and before each dunk say:  I immerse myself in this magic bath, to break the power this person hath, over the aspects of my life, I cut off all negativity with this magical knife.  Then he’ll have to let himself dry naturally.  That’s the worst part, standing there freezing because you can’t use a towel. lol

It would be helpful for him to carry a piece of hematite, an apache tear or a clear crystal quartz that has been given the purpose of protection.  A positive outlook will be enhanced by these stones.  If he’ll take the bath to sever the crossing and carries one of the stone for protection, he should be in the clear.  It may need to be repeated a few times just like you cleanse and recharge a stone or crystal.  And I’ll keep saying the prayer to St. Anthony and maybe start doing some wish spells to send good energy and protection to my friend’s boyfriend.

It might be a good thing to have a friend who practices witchcraft. 🙂

Still Going

mistakess witchGood morning darklings.  I got everything that I was supposed to do yesterday done.  I know, it surprised me too.  But there’s still a list of things I need to do here and since I’m not sleeping tonight, I guess I’ll get started on what I can do now.  And that way if my mom needs me again on Friday, and she really did need me more than I thought she did yesterday, I’ll be free to go without home chores hanging over my head.

I’m taking a break now to have a cup of coffee and cigarette and of course write to you my darling darklings, just in case I don’t get a chance to blog later.

And I have a plan of attack.  Something I don’t usually have.  I’ll rent a nice horror movie, do what I can while everyone is sleeping and then I’ll have to stop when it’s time to get everyone ready for school.  But what I’m doing now will make up the time it will take for me to do the other cleansing I’ve been trying to get to all week and cleanse my own aura before getting back to what needs to be done.  I might even get the nice, calm birthday I want on Saturday.  As long as I can keep my kids from destroying what I’m trying to do.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find some time to write in all of this.  Finish the book I’ve been reading for what seems like forever and get a copy of my very dear friend’s new book that came out yesterday.  If you read this, I suggest you get a copy of Malcolm Archibald’s new book.  It’s not the genre that I normally read but somehow (talent) he manages to suck me into his books.

I hope this works out.  I really want to be done and be able to do what I want for a little while, except for taking care of my mother.  That’s a responsibility that doesn’t go away.  Not that I mind.  So the laundry machine just buzzed and that means my free time is up and I have to bring this to a close.  Have a good day darklings.  Love ya. 🙂

Lots To Do

doorway witch and wolfGood morning my darklings.  I have a day so jammed packed with lots to do that I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done.  I wish I knew a spell to double myself since I have to be in two places at basically the same time.  My mother is sick and I have to take care of her but I also need to really clean my house since there’s a three-fold birthday party here Saturday.  Yes it will take me that long to get the house really clean. lol

Writing or anything to do with it is  out for the day.  All the smudging and happy house witchcraft is out.  But my mother usually takes care of my grandmother and can’t so it’ll be me taking care of both of them for half of the day and the other half will be at my house, cleaning as much as I can until it’s time pick up the kids.  Then it’s your normal (as I get) homework, dinner and baths.

How will I get this all done?  I don’t know.  perseverance, I guess.  Determination to get it done.  I mean, one of the birthdays is mine and I don’t want to spend it cleaning the house before people show up.  I want to be able to chill, write my blog and maybe some other stuff and read until it’s time.  Plus the more I get done here today and tomorrow, the better my chances my husband won’t throw a fit that out house is messy when we have people coming and I’ve been spending all my time at my mom’s house. lol

So wish me luck darkings.  There’s a lot to be done after I drop the kids at school and I am a procrastinator at heart. 🙂

Birthday Parties

another kid fairyGood morning my darklings.  I spent last night, for two whole hours, at one of my daughter’s friend’s birthday parties.  Now you know that is not my thing.  It was at a place called Bounce Around or something like that.  It was full of huge, different types of moon bounces and inflatable, mountainous slides and obstacle courses.  Blaring music from boy bands, flashing lights in the dark and another room was a black light.

I’m a keep to myself kind of person in those situations so it was basically walking around making sure I could always find my daughter and no one slammed into her.  I was on guard duty.  In the dark.  But despite all of that, birthday parties are important for kids and they did all have a great time.  And I’ll admit that I kinda wanted to get in the moon bounce, too. lol  And I, of all people, would never deny anyone a wish.

Could I have done without the screaming kids?  The other adults on guard duty?  Yes.  But it’s all in good fun right?  I did like the bubble machine. 🙂  I wonder if there are goth kiddie parties? lol  Maybe that should be left to the adults. 🙂

Lunar Eclipse

eclipsetriple goddess drawingGood morning my darklings.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Two days before my birthday is a lunar eclipse.  I know what it means is a witchy way but I can’t help but feel that maybe since my luck has been running so badly that maybe this is a coincidence in the universe.

First, let me explain the eclipse.  It isn’t so much different from a full or a new moon but you have to take in consideration that during the eclipse, you’ll be dealing with all aspects of the Goddess, maiden, mother and Crone at once.  So you have to be very precise.  Make sure your aura is cleansed by spending a little time in the sun or another cleansing ritual like a cleansing bath.  All of your tools should be cleansed, dressed and blessed and you have got to be very focused on what it is you’re doing.  I may dress everything, including myself, with success and sorceress oils just to be sure.  Cast a circle, call the elements and maybe write your spell down so there’s no missteps in you casting.

I need to sort out my head a little before I decide which spell I’m doing.  Odds are there is no deeper meaning.  It isn’t as if it’s on my actual birthday, just close.  But that voice in my head says that this is at least an opportunity that I can’t pass up on.  I think I’ll start with cleansing the house again today and maybe an extra cleansing in the room I work in.  A white votive candle in salt and a heat proof container can do that for a room.  Then it might be time to read the Cards and see if they have anything relevent to say besides “don’t F this up, Krista”. lol  And that should help me with my decision.  Right now I’m leaning towards a precisely written wish spell. 🙂

So there’s a little lesson on lunar eclipses, I guess even though it’s more about me.  Sorry. :S  So how will you be spending the eclipse?  Watching it if you can?  Watching TV because you show is on?  Or are you going to find peace in yourself and cast a spell?  I think you know what I’ll be doing. 🙂

Thunderstorms and Rain

in the rainGood morning my darklings.  It is such a nice morning.  Naturally I have my coffee and cigarette but I’m also listening to my wind chimes blowing in the gentle breeze of a rain shower.  I’ve opened the window beside me and the curtains are billowing softly like little waves.  Birds are chirping already.  I’ve always loved being able to open the windows during a spring rain after everything being so closed during the winter.

I really believe the quote on the umbrella over there.  I’ve never danced in the rain but I’ve played in it and been kissed in it and I love the rain.  Last night there were thunderstorms and my kids and I sat on the front porch watching the lightning burst in the sky and listening to thunder so strong that it rattled the windows of the house.  One of my daughters wanted to play in it and I thought about letting her.  There’s no better first rain to play in than a spring rain, I think. 🙂

There’s something about a thunderstorm that just makes you feel more witchy.  Maybe it’s the power.  Maybe it’s the way it stirs the muses for me and make me feel inspired.  Maybe it’s how a storm can make you feel so small that it calls to me to be more.  Maybe I’m a weirdo with a rain fetish.  Who knows? lol

I know there can be just as much beauty in a sunrise or set.  Or the stretch of dark skies sprinkled with dancing stars and no city lights.  But for me, it’s the rain and I just wanted to share that for some reason.  Maybe the next rainy day can be a happy inspiring one for someone else who reads this. 🙂

Quitting Smoking


Good morning my darklings.  My husband wants me to quit smoking.  Which may seem easy to someone who’s never smoked before but if you’re a smoker, it’s not.  I’ve read it as hard a quitting heroin.  I’m smoking right now as I type.  Sitting at the computer and writing is pretty intrinsic with smoking.  He says I’m killing myself.  It’s not like I don’t know.  What bad is that I have quit smoking before and gone back to doing it.  While I was pregnant I never smoked so for a period of almost seven years I didn’t do it.  Why I picked it back up again I’ll never know.  But I will admit to having a highly addictive personality.

I do know a spell for breaking addiction but it takes seven days to do.  I need something immediate.  E-cigarettes are okay but it really isn’t the same thing.  Maybe if I do a cleansing on myself it would help.  You know clear away my bad stuff.  The problem is that although I know it’s bad for me, I like to smoke.  So that’s it for today, I guess.  Any tips anyone might have that help would be greatly welcomed. 🙂