horror fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve found an awesome book.  It’s Rue Morgue Magazine’s List of 200 Horror Movies You Must See.  And which two movies did I find listed next to each other but Phantasm 2 and Prince of Darkness.  Some of you may scoff at Pantasm 2 but just think about it for a minute.  If you had The Tall Man, those creepy, cloaked, evil little creatures and evil, killer spherical balls coming after you in a morgue, it would scar the crap out of you.  Prince of Darkness speaks for itself.  It is Clive Barker’s work after all. 🙂  So to continue with what I’ve decided to be a routine, this has inspired me to write a poem.  Only this one will be about horror.  Hope you like it.


Slipping through the dark, silent and unseen

With speed unearthly,  like a victom’s trapped scream

Eye’s piercing yellow slitted as a snake

Deciding which form these deaths should take

Shifting to smoke to sneak under the door

Searching for the broken first rule: don’t be a whore

Then on to the next, never say you’ll be back

Because once you’re alone you’re primed for the axe

Then for the third rule the will cause you to die

Never any drinking or getting high

And he found perfection, his only survivor

The virgin of the story because her morals are higher

But as he went back through woods to go back to sleep

He knew her horror would be hers to forever keep