full moon witchGood early darklings.  This  post is a lot earlier than usual because of the moon.  This one is an important spring moon.  It’s the first full moon since the Vernal Equinox, which I explained as Ostara, remember?  This moon, among many other things, is called the Waking Moon.  And last night until about 4:57 ( I think), it’s supposed to be beautiful in the sky.

Farmers used to use its appearace as a sign of spring and how crops would or wouldn’t grow, when to plant and other stuff like that.  Since this is Wednesday, and you don’t have to wait for a particular day to do a spell, it’s just that some days vibrate on a higher level because of the God or Goddess that rules over them.  Wednesday is named for Mercury so it’s an excellent day for spells for writers and poets, general communication and self-improvement.

I have a couple of spells I could do today.  General communication with people is one I need.  I may be able to write this blog, but I was terrified when I first started.  And when I talk to people, I tend to be shy and stumble over myself until I get to know the person.  And of course what writer would pass up on a writers day, a special moon and writing?  Not me. 🙂  Not you either.  I’m including all my writer friends in this one. 🙂  So expect som inspiration, maybe good news, anything.  The good will is flowing. lol

Anyway, if you can, go outside in the probably still freezing cold and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it even if you don’t believe in the magic behind it.