biancaGood morning darklings.  Everything is frozen outside but soon enough the sun will be up and continue the melting that started after the snow turned to rain yesterday.  You know, after I shoveled the walkway and driveway and cleaned off my car.  I felt like an idiot after doing all that when the neighbors who hid inside had Mother Nature take care of the clean up for them.  I guess she taught me a lesson for being pissed off at her.  But snow in March never lasts too long around here, thank goodness.

So in between time outside to play in the stupid snow, we took turns watching kiddie movies and horror movies.  Now I have an urge to write something scary.  Those are usually the short stories that I submit to anthologies.  But I’ve got a whole story in my head that I wrote but lost when the computer it was on died suddenly.

It would help a lot if I didn’t freak myself out while was writing it.  Maybe I would have rewritten a better version of it by now.

It shouldn’t have been that way.  I love all things horror.  Movies, books, magazines, artwork.  I love to read the books that have been made into horror movies so I can have the full effect of the horror, what the writer intended and what the director did to it.  So why should my own work scare me?  I guess it’s extra dark in there after decades of things that scare and go bump in the night.  Or possess you and make you kill creatively. 🙂  Or maybe it’s because when I write I assume the part of the main character and I put myself through all the things that happened in that book.

So how do I go about this?  I think a little at a time and toned down from what I had.  More atmosphere, less in your face fear.  The snow is yucky so I should be free of going outside and  I should be free to write a little.  And I’ll just see where it goes from there as a side project.  Let’s just hope I don’t catch the attention of anything dark.  🙂