snow angelThis is not a good morning my darklings.  That may be the first post in hundreds that I’ve started that way.  Would you like to know why this one blog post started differently?  Because it snowed.  Snowed during spring break while I have three kids at home.  And it’s supposed to continue to rain and snow like all day.  That means I’ll be getting bugged endlessly to go outside in the cold brightness, which I don’t really like, to play in the snow.  I’ll have to say no because if it’s raining, it will be all slushy and a real mess for them, not just the normal frozen children leaving wet boot prints and drips of snow.  Bringing it into my house like some pure intruder.  Sometimes I’d love to have a mudroom.

Oh, man.  I just looked out the window again and it’s coming down hard.  *disgusted sigh*

And lets not forget I’ve 2, count them, 2 cigarettes left.  I knew I should have gotten some last night and not ignored that voice.  The voice that when I ignore usually gets me in trouble.  The voice said, “It’s gonna snow.  You’d better stop while you’re out and buy a couple of packs of cigarettes just in case.”  And to the voice I said, “No.  They’ve been calling for snow on and off all year and have gotten it almost right once.  The inches turned into an inch and rain and everything just washed away.  I’ll be fine.”  Now look at me.  Why do I never listen to that voice?

I’ve looked in my books and there’s nothing about stopping snow.  There’s bringing rain, protecting your house from lightning and so on.  No witch craft is going to save me today.  I guess I’d better just get out the snowboots so I can at least shovel out my little car.  Which I should tell you is small enough that 4 inches of snow means I’m not moving.

It would be so much better if the kids were in school, even if they went in late, and I could watch the snow from my computer in my warm little corner of the house and write.  Oh Mother Nature, you got me again.