winged vamp06 Rain

Good morning darklings.  Since today is Sunday and I don’t have much to say, I’m going to write a poem and give you a link to a Breaking Benjamin song.  Hope you like them both. 🙂

The weeping angel atop the grave

Stands over the one she loved but could not save

Brought into her world of blood and gore

He saw her beauty and only wanted more

Not meant for one but joined souls with the other

He risked he life to become her lover

Her wings would embrace him, her fangs just a taste

And he’d hold on to her tightly, between them no space

But he was a witch and the pairing forbidden

Fear of what would come from the power they’d risen

Attacked while he slept and she fought with her rage

Couldn’t stop his name from being written on the page

Of those of power and then have been lost

A perfect example of what love can cost

Buried not in his way but by his family

She chose to spend there for her immortality

Slowly she became petrified

The only stone angel to ever have cried.