burning heart fire heart12 Somewhere out There

Good morning my lovely and handsome darklings.  It’s a dark Saturday morning since the sun isn’t up but it’s going to be full of brightness soon enough.  Not exactly my kind of day but sunglasses weren’t created for nothing and that’s really not the point of this post; just me rambling along. 🙂

I have a tiny little story to tell and would maybe like some opinions since I’m always looking for signs in everything.

The other night I was up late at the computer, smoking as usual, when I committed the ultimate smokers crime:  I slipped into sleep.  The cigarette landed on my arm and woke me up only when it had burned a hole into my shirt and was searing my skin.  That’s what I get.  Falling asleep smoking is really bad, especially when you’re married to a fire fighter. 🙂  So I put it out and examined my arm.  It was just a burning welt of pinkish-red at that point.

But my dear puppy ripped it open while playing to rough, as is his norm since he’s gotten so big and still thinks he’s small, and it scabbed over.  As time went on I noticed it looked like a heart.  Neat, I thought, and on my left arm too.  You know the one that is supposed to have the vein that goes directly to our hearts and is why we wear wedding rings on that ring finger.  And this happened on Friday, the day of Venus and love spells.  There had to be some meaning in it.  Did it mean my marriage was forever and ever?  Did it have something to do with my love of writing and never giving it up?  Scars are forever most of the time, right?  Was it a sign of proof that I never give up on love?

Or did it just mean that I idiotically fell asleep smoking and burned myself so I’d have a constant reminder to never do it again?

So what do you think my gothlings?  Am I being sappy, supernatural or stupid? lol  Most of the time I am all three.  Throw in sarcastic and you can describe me with a bunch of S words. 🙂