ostara_003Good morning my darklings and especially today, my witchlings.  Happy Ostara to everyone.  This is the Vernal Equinox when night and day are equal.  And being from German heritage, I have to say that long ago, Ostara was thier name for their goddess of Sping.

This picture is an extremely elaborate picture of Coven celebrating Ostara.  In the center of the altar you can see many decorated eggs.  They symbolize, of course, fertility and the bringing of new life.  There are deer but rabbits would be nice since they were ancient signs of spring coming because of mating season.  You can see the cardinal direction at the points of the pentagram, symbolizing earth, air, fire, water and spirit  And I think there may be a skyclad witch or two in there and a few dressed as fairies. lol  There are flowers and daffodils, symbols of spring.

How beautiful it would be to see this.  As a solitary, I don’t belong to a coven.  But the picture is so ethereal and magical just to look at.  Sometimes it’s lonely to be a solitary witch and a weird one at that.

But Ostara is a time for joy not being bummed out.  The days will get longer and warmer as the sun returns, gardens with sprout and grow, maybe someone will find their soul mate.  It’s a time of life and possibilities and I wish all of my friends those things.  Happy Ostara and the return of spring.  🙂