099Good morning darklings.  Today’s the day that I have to take one of my dogs to be put to sleep.  The picture is her after on of her surgeries.  Any other surgeries will leave her deaf and us without an assurance that she won’t need another and it’s very expensive.  The vet has told me that she’s in pain.  So for the months that we were trying to cure what we thought was a severe ear infection, we weren’t helping her at all and may have been making it worse.

I’m feeling some intense guilt even though I know this is for her own good.  I’m together now but in about 5 hours I’ll probably be a wreck.  Eleven years with the same dog everyday and then she’s gone is going to leave a hole.  Thankfully we have the new puppy but dogs like people have their own personalities.  I don’t expect him to replace her but it will be good to come home to a puppy and get some love.

So I’m gonna miss my psycho, hyper, constantly shaking brown and white dog.  She loves the kids and let’s them snuggle and pull on her even though I was told she wouldn’t be good with kids.  She stands on her hind legs and walks in a circle for a treat; her one and only trick. 🙂  She’d run away constantly and I’d have to search her out.  It’s just her nature to dig a hole and go for it.  That I won’t miss, I think.  Now that she’s older, if she’s inside her favorite thing to do is find a soft, warm spot to sleep on.  Outside she’ll run and play and bark at the big dogs like she’s one of them.

I’m sure she’ll have a good time in doggie Heaven where there aren’t any fences and someone always willing to throw a ball.  No more trips to the vet or “procedures”.

The hardest part will probably be when we leave for school.  My youngest is very attached to her and always pets the dogs good-bye and tells them she’ll see them after school.  Only I know Jackie won’t be here wagging her nub of a tail happily for her this time.