working witchGood morning my darklings.  I have planned a full day for myself with working, writing and witching.  It may be too much since I’m not supposed to do anything.  But we have to face facts, when you’re a writer, mother, housewife and let’s not forget witch, things have to get done, bedrest or not.  So even though I’d like to do things in the complete opposite order, I won’t.  Clutter makes it hard for me to concentrate and in order to write and be witchy, I’ve got to clean.

I’ve downed a pot of coffee already and mopped so the progress has begun.  Dishes and dusting are up next and then it will be laundry in between chapters and spells.  That’s my  plan of attack anyway.  At least for the writing and casting I’ll be sitting down.

And really the spells might have to be canceled.  I’ve thought of a plot twist for one of my books and there’s no way that I won’t  obsess over it either.  The details will be pushing through my brain while I clean the kids’ rooms.  My hands will want to type as I fold laundry.  And my mind will wander while I do the dishes.  The more I write about it here, the less I want to do anything else.

That’s the magic and curse of being a writer.  You still have to live a life.  You can’t spend forever lost in your book while the house falls down around you but can clean the house first to make your husband happy and he won’t have as much issue when you do fall down the rabbit hole into the world you created.  A world where the houses are always clean and the laundry is always done and all your main character has to do is make it through from beginning to end.