WITCHYGIRLGood morning darklings.  I know I said no more posts for awhile, but I couldn’t help it.  I’m sitting here just killing time waiting.  Lunches are packed and one third of the kids are dressed.  I’ve done my emails and been on facebook.  In my normal routine that leads up to my blog.  I’ll make it a short one though.

Tuesdays are, in the witchy world, the best day for surgery and that makes me feel a little better.  I can’t wear any jewelry though and that makes me uncomfortable.  Not only can I not wear my wedding rings, but no lucky stones or healing stones.  If I’d known that I would have done some spells.  Now there’s no time for spells.  Hubs will wake up soon and he’s anti-witchy and I don’t want to irritate him when I’m going to need him so much after my mother brings me home from the hospital.  I feel like I’m going into a bad place unprotected.  It’s just going to have to be a matter of will now, not that I’m that kind of witch.  But even people who don’t practice witchcraft can do this.  It’s just like thinking about something really hard, like if inside you’re head you’re willing someone to give you something you want.  You just have to know how to harness your natural energy and direct it where you want.

So I guess I should go a keep rounding up children.  My surgery is at noon, which is a good time for spells involving health, but I have to be there at ten.  Maybe I’ll take a book to write in while I wait.  Maybe I’ll just run through scenes in my head.  Or maybe I’ll just take the Kindle and try to relax with someone else’s work.  Either way, I hope to be back soon.  Direct that energy to me a little if you don’t mind.  I’ll appreciate it.  🙂