surgery fairyGood morning my darklings, gothlings and witchlings.  This post is to let you know that there won’t be any blogs for a little while.  I’m sure I’ll be dying to do them after a few days of no cyberspace friends reading my vents or what I have to say about writing or witchcraft and the other general stuff I tend to shoot off on tangents about.  But in two days is my surgery.  I can’t promise I won’t be tense and scared enough the day of to put something out there.  In general though, this is the last one until I’m allowed to sit at the computer and write.  Unless I can magic up a laptop really quick. 🙂

It really shouldn’t be too long.  I hope.  I chickened out of a bigger surgery for the next level down and hopefully that should cut down on recovery time but I have no idea.  I’m not good at asking doctors questions.  They say so, so I do it.  It took me a month to tell the surgeon I didn’t want the larger, more invasive surgery.  I was panic attack central.  Now I’m panic attack outskirts. lol  That will change within the next two days and I’ll be smack in central again.  But I guess everyone is.

I wonder what my heart rate will be while I’m on the table waiting for that little needle to put me to sleep.  Luckily, when they tell you to start counting back from a hundred, I never make it further than ninety-seven. lol

If I can’t write, the Kindle will have to be loaded or I’ll go nuts without the computer and nothing but daytime TV.  And as we all know, I push the boudaries of being nuts anyway.  😉