183Good morning my darklings.  Here is an updated picture of the puppy, Luke.  As is in Cool Hand, You will respect my authritie, Luke. lol  He doesn’t look to threatening here and really he’s a big, big baby.  He’s doubled his weight since we brought him home and luckily he doesn’t really fit in the smaller places that used to get him in trouble anymore.  Remember he used to do that low growl at night and trot through the house looking for what was bothering him.  I think it was my ghost girl and they’ve come to know each other now.  What little kid, spirit or not, doesn’t love a puppy? 🙂

So now I have to adopted children, a ghost and a pup, and everyone seems to have settled into a pretty good rhythm.  The nibbling is quite as bad with those razor puppy teeth and he’s house training well.  He never messes with my witch case anymore, which he used to chew on.  Now if I’m doing a spell or a reading, he sits at my feet just as if I’m writing.  I do believe he is my canine familiar.

It is very nice to talk to him about what I’m doing when I’m casting.  And when I’m writing and hit a tough spot in a story, I reach down and pet him.  It’s relaxing and the story starts to come again when the tension drains away.  All around I think I’ve picked the perfect pet.  He won me over when I looked in his cage and he ran over to me crying like he was saying, “Take me home!  I’m meant to be yours!”  And he was, my witchy, ghost loving puppy. 🙂