winter witchOh my darklings, it finally came and got us.  The snow fell overnight like silent little paratroopers sent to keep me inside, which I don’t mind, but also keep my kids home from school.  That’s where the second attack occurs.  It will be a day of cartoons and movies and kids begging to go out and play.  Step three of the attack comes there.  I wish I was graceful but I’m not and chances are at some point I will end up on my butt.

I’d love a snow day that involved lots of coffee and reading, a puppy curled up snoozing behind my legs.  After the attack of the snow and changing the wet pants I’m sure to end up in, I will at least get to write if only to escape the drone of endless cartoons.  So as much as I hate snow, it may be what I need to keep writing at this pace.

I faced the grocery store last nigh so there’s still going to be plenty of coffee and I stocked up on cigarettes.  If there’s anything I dislike more than walking in the snow, it’s driving in it.  I can survive some pain but if anything happens to the car I don’t think I’ll survive my husband. lol  So there’s no driving unless I absolutely have to.

This should keep me on my schedule though.  Maybe better than if they did have school.  I’ll have more time for the mundane and more time for writing.  In between children wanting things naturally.

Luckily we’re quickly approaching spring, and the Equinox for my witchlings, and the temperatures are going up so maybe the snow won’t last long and I’ll be a happy camper again until the summer when it’s humid and I complain about the heat. lol 😀