blessingGoody morning my darklings.  I just want to take a moment to say thank you and give my Witchy Blessings to those of you who read my blog, the new followers and all of you who have liked my posts lately.  Setting up this blog a year and a half ago was terrifying for me.  What if no one read it?  Worse, what if people read it and left comments like:  You suck.  This is the worst blog ever!  But that hasn’t happened and I wanted to let you all know I appreciate it and I’ll send out some nice witch vibes as a thank you.

Now that aside, today is about my writing insecurities.  I generally feel that I’m a good writer with ideas that people will enjoy reading but sometimes I get worried that people won’t like what I write.  Maybe that’s a problem all writers have when they’re working on their perspective books.  Luckily, I’ll usually come up with a twist or a new scene that makes me feel like I do have what it takes to be succesful and that passes.  For a while at least. lol

But all my darklings, witchlings and gothlings help me through those bits of time by reading this and liking it.  When I write and post a short story for all of you to read and you do, the comments that are left give me back more of my security.  I appreciate that and the feeling of acceptance.

So thanks.  And may you all have a witch blessed day where you can see some of the magic in this world.  🙂