witch apothecaryGood morning my darkling and witchlings.  I have a sort of funny story to share with you.  I have a friend who knows what I do.  I made him a charm bag to help with nightmares he was having, explained all the herbs inside so he would feel comfortable using it because the dreams were so bad so he knows that I can help him if he has some questions or needs some help from me.  He is not a witch and to be honest I don’t think he know another.  But in an effort to help himself he bought a bag of herbs to help with exercising.  Instead of using them properly, I found out that he looked at them unsure of what to do and took a spoonful and tried to swallow it, where it promptly turned to a thick, pasty, nasty tasting coating on his tongue.  It took a lot of drinking and teeth brushing to get rid of it. lol  Then I told him all he needed to do was brew it.  Anyone can do that. lol  Put the herbs in the filter, put enough water in there to make a mug and sweeten it with honey if the taste is horrendous, which apparently it was.  I asked him why would he try to take it that way?  Why not just ask me?  He replied ignorance.  Not that he was trying to do anything witch-like, but some people think witchcraft is a joke when it has some  purposeful uses in everyday life even if you’re not a witch.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re first starting out, especially if you’re a solitary like me.  Luckily my teenage years worked that out for me and I’ve found a few other older witches that I can go to if I need advice.  And like I am, they’re more than happy to help me out if I’m unsure of something.

That’s why the witch book that I wrote was so important I think.  Lots of people start dabbling when they’re young and completely novices.  This book was written for those people.  Simple spells and simple explanations of herbs and stones, colors, phases of the moon.  I wanted a beginners book like I would have needed, a guide.  I’m debating on writing a second one like you graduate from the beginners book and then move onto the secondary one.

So the moral of the story is if you have questions or need help, ask your local witch.  Ask me in a comment if you need to and I’ll help to the best of my abilities.  Witches aren’t scary.  We actually just like regular people and most of us will help you. 🙂