amythestwitchGood morning my darklings.  I can’t believe I slept late, well, late for me.  I started off  at 1 m and decided that was too early even for me.  So I decided to try to watch a horror movie.  I don’t know how good it was.  The previews when it was in the movies looked pretty good like it had potential to give me a scare.  But I couldn’t get past the beginning.  You know when everything’s still normal and nothing with teeth or claws, red eyes or made of flicker formed shadows make its or their appearance.  I woke up to the credits.

Sometimes even the semi-nocturnal need a nap at night.

I was thinking about my book in comparison to the movie.  I’m in that lay the groundwork, nothing has happened yet stage too and I don’t want anyone falling asleep before chapter 3. lol  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not boring (I hope lol) but I’m ready to start making things happen.  We all know I write YA dark fantasy or paranormal, whichever you like to call and short adult horror, but I need start introducing some powers.  I’ve got the first hint down of the plot so I know where that’s going but what special abilities will this girl have to combat what’s coming for her?  She is psychic to an extent but her father is a dark angel.  Not a demon, just a balance keeper between what’s light and dark on Earth.  So what can she inherit from him?  What should an angel be able to do?

This doesn’t mean I’ve hit my first halt in the story.  If fact I’m amazed it’s still coming so readily to me.  I’m just thinking ahead.  Maybe I shouldn’t do that.  Maybe I should just let the story keep coming and write it as it wants.  Then I’ll see what she can do for myself as the book unfolds a page at a time.

Instead of falling asleep through the middle of the movie like I did, I want readers to fall into this girls life and be sucked away into it until they reach the credits.  Then they can wake up.