wrote anywayGood morning my lovelies.  Well the bumps in the schedule just keep coming but I’m proud to say that I weathered them.  That’s a big step for me.  As I’ve said, I don’t like to schedule how I’ll spend my day as it is but I’m steadfastly sticking to it and yesterday was a whopper of an interruption.  It was far more distracting than my daughter staying up all night.

We had a sliding glass door put in the house that will eventually (Monday) go out to a deck.  Maybe it’s the fact that we’ll actually have a back door on the living level.  Yes, my house had no back door except for in the basement.  Why the people we bought it from had it built without one, I’ll never understand but it’s been remedied.  And through the sledge hammering to bust out the wall and the sawsall to cut through beams, which all actually vibrated my whole house, I managed to write.

The cleaning and spells I had planned for the day had to take a back seat.  You can’t really clean with construction workers going in and out of the house with tools and shrapnel.  And I want them to come back Monday to build the deck so I didn’t want to freak any of them out by setting up my altar and doing my casts.  Besides, concentrating would have been a problem.

But I could write.  I sank into my story and only came up for air when someone had a question.  So the morning mundaneness was done before they get here and I did some writing and, of course, my blog.  Then the afternoon was writing.  It appears that after a couple of decades I really have found a way to keep a schedule that didn’t include something I had to follow like high school.  And I know Monday they’ll be back so I have to ability to plan around the workers this time.

This is Friday and I’ve managed to get through the trial week.  I’d like to thank all of you who sent good vibes and well wishes that I didn’t give up or even more likely screw up. 🙂