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horror fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve found an awesome book.  It’s Rue Morgue Magazine’s List of 200 Horror Movies You Must See.  And which two movies did I find listed next to each other but Phantasm 2 and Prince of Darkness.  Some of you may scoff at Pantasm 2 but just think about it for a minute.  If you had The Tall Man, those creepy, cloaked, evil little creatures and evil, killer spherical balls coming after you in a morgue, it would scar the crap out of you.  Prince of Darkness speaks for itself.  It is Clive Barker’s work after all. 🙂  So to continue with what I’ve decided to be a routine, this has inspired me to write a poem.  Only this one will be about horror.  Hope you like it.


Slipping through the dark, silent and unseen

With speed unearthly,  like a victom’s trapped scream

Eye’s piercing yellow slitted as a snake

Deciding which form these deaths should take

Shifting to smoke to sneak under the door

Searching for the broken first rule: don’t be a whore

Then on to the next, never say you’ll be back

Because once you’re alone you’re primed for the axe

Then for the third rule the will cause you to die

Never any drinking or getting high

And he found perfection, his only survivor

The virgin of the story because her morals are higher

But as he went back through woods to go back to sleep

He knew her horror would be hers to forever keep



Angel of Death

angel of death04 So Cold

Good morning my darklings.  Before me I have, as always, my coffee and a cigarette waiting to be lit.  I’ve been pondering again.  Last night I read my cards and it ended with the Angel of Death.  That will freak some people out.  I read for a friend once long ago and in one spread she got the Devil and the Angel of Death, then she freaked out, ruining the spread and doing Our Father prayers.  Seriously.

She didn’t give me a chance to explain.  Those things are not always bad.  The Devil is a tough on unless he’s inverted but I’m getting away from my post.  The point is my spread ended with the Angel of Death, which can literally mean death depending on the spread but with my other cards, I didn’t take it that way.  The angel can mean a new beginning, death to the past.

It was a proper ending since just yesterday I started the side project I’ve been talking about.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be a short story or a novella yet, but it is horror.  I think this Angel of Death means a new beginning or opening for me.  Maybe it will be easily accepted once it’s done and submitted.  I won’t know how right I am or not until it’s done though but I believe last nights reading is a good sign.  And we all know I look for signs.

So the side project is going to continue.  Not take precedence but go on until the story is done.  Who knows, maybe the story is a full length manuscript?  I probably should have gone further into the spread to get more details, laid out more cards.  Maybe I should have called this blog The Lazy Witch. 🙂

Wednesday’s Witchiness Worked

love poemGood morning my lovelies.  I’ve been wracking my brain lately over why I’m having so much trouble writing.  I’ve been writing but I’ve been doing a lot of deleting as well and just not making it anywhere with my WIPs.  Then again with that horror that wants to emerge from my brain and unto the screen.  What was I supposed to do.

Then there was that special moon on Mercury’s day, which I’ve explained about so I won’t go into it again.  I’m giving myself a break from the books long enough to write a couple of adult horror shorts and submit them.  Who knows what might happen?  The thing is that I have to try.  Then once that need has been purged and I get something published again, I’ll be able to turn my attention back to the books I’m working on for my agent.

I love the thrill of having a work accepted.  Even if it’s for an anthology that’s “for the luv”.  It reassures me that I don’t suck as a writer and I just have to be patient about the books.  The rejections aren’t really that bad either because they’re never form rejections and usually ask for me to send something else because they liked my work.

So I give credit to the special moon that happened to fall on the writer’s day.  Thank goodness because I needed the help.  And I think I’ve got it all worked out now. 🙂

Waking Moon

full moon witchGood early darklings.  This  post is a lot earlier than usual because of the moon.  This one is an important spring moon.  It’s the first full moon since the Vernal Equinox, which I explained as Ostara, remember?  This moon, among many other things, is called the Waking Moon.  And last night until about 4:57 ( I think), it’s supposed to be beautiful in the sky.

Farmers used to use its appearace as a sign of spring and how crops would or wouldn’t grow, when to plant and other stuff like that.  Since this is Wednesday, and you don’t have to wait for a particular day to do a spell, it’s just that some days vibrate on a higher level because of the God or Goddess that rules over them.  Wednesday is named for Mercury so it’s an excellent day for spells for writers and poets, general communication and self-improvement.

I have a couple of spells I could do today.  General communication with people is one I need.  I may be able to write this blog, but I was terrified when I first started.  And when I talk to people, I tend to be shy and stumble over myself until I get to know the person.  And of course what writer would pass up on a writers day, a special moon and writing?  Not me. 🙂  Not you either.  I’m including all my writer friends in this one. 🙂  So expect som inspiration, maybe good news, anything.  The good will is flowing. lol

Anyway, if you can, go outside in the probably still freezing cold and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it even if you don’t believe in the magic behind it.

Okay, It’s Not So Bad

biancaGood morning darklings.  Everything is frozen outside but soon enough the sun will be up and continue the melting that started after the snow turned to rain yesterday.  You know, after I shoveled the walkway and driveway and cleaned off my car.  I felt like an idiot after doing all that when the neighbors who hid inside had Mother Nature take care of the clean up for them.  I guess she taught me a lesson for being pissed off at her.  But snow in March never lasts too long around here, thank goodness.

So in between time outside to play in the stupid snow, we took turns watching kiddie movies and horror movies.  Now I have an urge to write something scary.  Those are usually the short stories that I submit to anthologies.  But I’ve got a whole story in my head that I wrote but lost when the computer it was on died suddenly.

It would help a lot if I didn’t freak myself out while was writing it.  Maybe I would have rewritten a better version of it by now.

It shouldn’t have been that way.  I love all things horror.  Movies, books, magazines, artwork.  I love to read the books that have been made into horror movies so I can have the full effect of the horror, what the writer intended and what the director did to it.  So why should my own work scare me?  I guess it’s extra dark in there after decades of things that scare and go bump in the night.  Or possess you and make you kill creatively. 🙂  Or maybe it’s because when I write I assume the part of the main character and I put myself through all the things that happened in that book.

So how do I go about this?  I think a little at a time and toned down from what I had.  More atmosphere, less in your face fear.  The snow is yucky so I should be free of going outside and  I should be free to write a little.  And I’ll just see where it goes from there as a side project.  Let’s just hope I don’t catch the attention of anything dark.  🙂

Why, Mother Nature?

snow angelThis is not a good morning my darklings.  That may be the first post in hundreds that I’ve started that way.  Would you like to know why this one blog post started differently?  Because it snowed.  Snowed during spring break while I have three kids at home.  And it’s supposed to continue to rain and snow like all day.  That means I’ll be getting bugged endlessly to go outside in the cold brightness, which I don’t really like, to play in the snow.  I’ll have to say no because if it’s raining, it will be all slushy and a real mess for them, not just the normal frozen children leaving wet boot prints and drips of snow.  Bringing it into my house like some pure intruder.  Sometimes I’d love to have a mudroom.

Oh, man.  I just looked out the window again and it’s coming down hard.  *disgusted sigh*

And lets not forget I’ve 2, count them, 2 cigarettes left.  I knew I should have gotten some last night and not ignored that voice.  The voice that when I ignore usually gets me in trouble.  The voice said, “It’s gonna snow.  You’d better stop while you’re out and buy a couple of packs of cigarettes just in case.”  And to the voice I said, “No.  They’ve been calling for snow on and off all year and have gotten it almost right once.  The inches turned into an inch and rain and everything just washed away.  I’ll be fine.”  Now look at me.  Why do I never listen to that voice?

I’ve looked in my books and there’s nothing about stopping snow.  There’s bringing rain, protecting your house from lightning and so on.  No witch craft is going to save me today.  I guess I’d better just get out the snowboots so I can at least shovel out my little car.  Which I should tell you is small enough that 4 inches of snow means I’m not moving.

It would be so much better if the kids were in school, even if they went in late, and I could watch the snow from my computer in my warm little corner of the house and write.  Oh Mother Nature, you got me again.

A Poem For Today

winged vamp06 Rain

Good morning darklings.  Since today is Sunday and I don’t have much to say, I’m going to write a poem and give you a link to a Breaking Benjamin song.  Hope you like them both. 🙂

The weeping angel atop the grave

Stands over the one she loved but could not save

Brought into her world of blood and gore

He saw her beauty and only wanted more

Not meant for one but joined souls with the other

He risked he life to become her lover

Her wings would embrace him, her fangs just a taste

And he’d hold on to her tightly, between them no space

But he was a witch and the pairing forbidden

Fear of what would come from the power they’d risen

Attacked while he slept and she fought with her rage

Couldn’t stop his name from being written on the page

Of those of power and then have been lost

A perfect example of what love can cost

Buried not in his way but by his family

She chose to spend there for her immortality

Slowly she became petrified

The only stone angel to ever have cried.

Heart Shaped Scar

burning heart fire heart12 Somewhere out There

Good morning my lovely and handsome darklings.  It’s a dark Saturday morning since the sun isn’t up but it’s going to be full of brightness soon enough.  Not exactly my kind of day but sunglasses weren’t created for nothing and that’s really not the point of this post; just me rambling along. 🙂

I have a tiny little story to tell and would maybe like some opinions since I’m always looking for signs in everything.

The other night I was up late at the computer, smoking as usual, when I committed the ultimate smokers crime:  I slipped into sleep.  The cigarette landed on my arm and woke me up only when it had burned a hole into my shirt and was searing my skin.  That’s what I get.  Falling asleep smoking is really bad, especially when you’re married to a fire fighter. 🙂  So I put it out and examined my arm.  It was just a burning welt of pinkish-red at that point.

But my dear puppy ripped it open while playing to rough, as is his norm since he’s gotten so big and still thinks he’s small, and it scabbed over.  As time went on I noticed it looked like a heart.  Neat, I thought, and on my left arm too.  You know the one that is supposed to have the vein that goes directly to our hearts and is why we wear wedding rings on that ring finger.  And this happened on Friday, the day of Venus and love spells.  There had to be some meaning in it.  Did it mean my marriage was forever and ever?  Did it have something to do with my love of writing and never giving it up?  Scars are forever most of the time, right?  Was it a sign of proof that I never give up on love?

Or did it just mean that I idiotically fell asleep smoking and burned myself so I’d have a constant reminder to never do it again?

So what do you think my gothlings?  Am I being sappy, supernatural or stupid? lol  Most of the time I am all three.  Throw in sarcastic and you can describe me with a bunch of S words. 🙂

Sometimes I Wonder

black fairyGood morning my darklings.  Since my week run of bad luck, I’ve been considering if it would really be unethical to use magic for myself.  I mean, there wouldn’t be spells for luck, wishes and gambling if some witch somewhere didn’t need one, right?

Would it be wrong for me to cast myself some good luck?  And the big question is would it be wrong for me to do a spell to help my writing or get my book published faster?  The publishing spells wouldn’t be totally for me.  Anything that I would get from a book contract would go to the family (and maybe a laptop lol).  Would it be unfair to other writer’s if I did something like that?  And if it worked, would I be doing spells for publication all the time?  Would it bother me to not know if it was talent or magic or would I just be happy getting what I want?

If you came across something that would grant you one wish, would it be a successful writing career?  Or would you wish for something just as important but that isn’t a dream you have?  I would be torn about that as well.  I have a daughter with Autism and I couldn’t waste that one wish on writing if I could make her not Autistic.  Could I wish that my career is so prosperous that she gets the absolute best of everything to help her, her own teacher dedicated to her?  That still sounds selfish.  Should I just wish for a cure for it.  That would make me just as happy, ecstatic really. 🙂  I do do wish spells for her to continue to improve.

These are just thoughts I have sometimes.  Weird moral dilemmas I place myself in but it’s good for writing.  Sacrifice and moral dilemmas are good for books.  So I’ll behave on the magic but practice on problem solving, I think.

Happy Ostara!

ostara_003Good morning my darklings and especially today, my witchlings.  Happy Ostara to everyone.  This is the Vernal Equinox when night and day are equal.  And being from German heritage, I have to say that long ago, Ostara was thier name for their goddess of Sping.

This picture is an extremely elaborate picture of Coven celebrating Ostara.  In the center of the altar you can see many decorated eggs.  They symbolize, of course, fertility and the bringing of new life.  There are deer but rabbits would be nice since they were ancient signs of spring coming because of mating season.  You can see the cardinal direction at the points of the pentagram, symbolizing earth, air, fire, water and spirit  And I think there may be a skyclad witch or two in there and a few dressed as fairies. lol  There are flowers and daffodils, symbols of spring.

How beautiful it would be to see this.  As a solitary, I don’t belong to a coven.  But the picture is so ethereal and magical just to look at.  Sometimes it’s lonely to be a solitary witch and a weird one at that.

But Ostara is a time for joy not being bummed out.  The days will get longer and warmer as the sun returns, gardens with sprout and grow, maybe someone will find their soul mate.  It’s a time of life and possibilities and I wish all of my friends those things.  Happy Ostara and the return of spring.  🙂