so far so goodGood morning gothlings.  It’s a good thing this week is a trial run for my schedule because I’ve had my first lurch in it.  My 8 year old decided to be completely nocturnal last night.  I can’t blame her.  It isn’t as if I haven’t done it and, who knows, it may be genetic.  So the sleep that I was getting has been cut very short for today.  The key is to not let it hold me back from keeping to my plans for today.  Yesterday went great.  I finished all the stuff for my pre-op, ran errands, cleaned and wrote.  Perfection for me and that never happens.  Homework was breezed through, everyone ate dinner without complaint and not long after, I fell asleep earlier than usual.  11;30 I hear a bedroom door open and I know it means my doom for the rest of the night.  Our in her nightgown comes my little computer junkie.  It’s obviously game time.

So I let her play for a while until she got bored and I kicked her off.  Then she wanted her iPad which is still, at this moment, charging because she drained the battery playing with it until it has absolutely no charge left in it at all.  Luckily I found one of the other kids’ Nintendo DSIs and have her placated with that so I can do the blog and write some before the rest of the brood begins to stir.  We have to pause here for a new cup of coffee. 🙂

I guess the plan is to stick to the plan.  That’s what a trial period is for, right?  To make sure you can make things work even when things go awry.  It’ll be back to cleaning, writing, getting kids to school, writing and whatever else might befall me.  Just as long as I write.