hanging moonGood very early morning my darklings and gothlings.  I believe I’m working my way to becoming more and more nocturnal.  This will mean extra sleepiness during the day since I live with and am responsible for day dwellers but I can’t help who I am.  3 am comes and my internal clock goes off.  So before me sits a fresh pack of cigarettes, a fresh cup of coffee creamed and sweetened to the extreme and below me the washer and dryer are doing their things.  The moon hasn’t set and the stars are still sparkling.  There’s no hint of the sun stretching up into the sky in the east.

Instead of wasting this time trying to go back to sleep, I’ve decided to use it.  I’m awake and I’ve already complained about how bad TV can be at this time in the morning.  Plus, this will give me uninterrupted writing time in between loads of laundry or straightening up.  At least straightening as much as I can while everyone’s asleep. 🙂

But I’ve come to accept this routine since there seems no changing it.  I just have to change my schedule.  Yes my husband still has to go to work and the kids still have to get ready for school but there are hours of the morning ticking away while I was spending time waiting for the day to start.  Now I can write my blog, get some of the mundane things done and write on the new book.  Then the morning rush will come but after that, I’m alone with the dogs.  The puppy, by the way, has taken to lying at my feet while I write and it’s über cute.  Anyway, I can finish up the things I started that couldn’t be finished because of the sleepers and maybe then catch a little nap to make up for what I’m missing at night now.  Then I can get up and work on my other book before it’s time to gather kids from school, do homework and the dinner thing.

I believe this may be the key to making things work.  This morning, or maybe what’s left of the week, will be a trial run to see if this is a plausible idea.  So wish me luck please because if I have to go back to measuring time in episodes of Three’s Company, I may lose what’s left of my mind. lol