pegasusGood morning my darklings.  Before I start the blog let me explain the picture.  My youngest daughter was with me while I was searching out pictures that are more me and more relative to my blog when she saw this one.  It’s still fantasy so I guess it’s acceptable, just not something I would have picked since I was much younger.  It is pretty though. 🙂

Anyway, I started writing the other book yesterday.  There was no way around it and I couldn’t help myself.  So now I’m a chapter in.  A title, the first line and the first chapter; there’s no turning back now.  It will, at some point, need to be finished.  Right now I’m liking this one more than the other since the other is giving me such a hard time lately and this one is just flowing.  No hiccups or haults so it’s meant to be I suppose.

But I’m left with the original WIP sitting there, weighing on my mind just waiting for the attention it needs to be finished so I can begin the dreadful art of editing.  But at this point I’d be happy for the book to go smoothly so I could get to the editing.  I just can’t seem to get around this new book that’s occupying so much space on my mind.

So today’s goal is to focus on the old and the new and try to get work done on both of them.  I wonder sometimes if you have to be bipolar to be able to be a writer and flip back and forth between characters and stories or if it’s just part of the gift of writing. 🙂