bored witchGood morning darklings.  Of course, though it is morning, the facts that I’m an east coast girl and it’s still pitch dark outside mean that most of my darkling, unless nocturnal by nature, should still be snuggled up in their beds.  How jealous am I?  Very.  A good portion of my night/morning was spent measuring time awake by half hour shows and infomercials.  I tried to write but that wasn’t working.  I tried to edit but couldn’t help but want to at least lay down.

I did have some company in the puppy.  But I have to say he occasionally creeps me out a little.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s night and everyone else is asleep that he’s on high alert or if it’s just some puppy thing, but he has a habit of letting out a low growl and padding around the house.  Sometimes he gives his deepest puppy woof.  I wonder what he’s seeing or sensing that I’m not.  Is he my puppy familiar?  🙂  My Rottweiler supernatural alert system?

It’s amazing what you think about when you’re tired and have nothing to do.  There are worse ways to spend the time I guess than ghost hunting your house with your dog.  Especially when you alternative is another round of infomercials about thinning hair. lol  Another couple of nights and I can start filming with my cell phone and set up my own YouTube channel.

So my suggestion to other sleep deprived, insomniac writers is to get a pet and seek out the creepiness around you to kill the time.  Who knows what will find or hallucinate as the nights pass?