Luke's 1st picGood afternoon my darklings.  I bet you thought I was taking another hiatus, didn’t you?  Nope just a little break so I wasn’t in your face everyday. lol  And I’ve had a lot of stuff to do so I’ve been really busy.  I even broke my FaceBook addiction.  If I’m on the computer, I’m usually just writing and not much else.  That’s when I can find time to do that much.

So, I’ll keep this as light TMI as I can and just say I’ve been busy going to doctors and vets.  The doctors say I’m having surgery March 12th.  I don’t know if it’s considered major or not.  Maybe I should ask someone.   Anyway, it has me kinda bummed out.  I don’t like surgery or hospitals and really don’t like staying overnight in one.  I can practically assure you that unless they dope me heavily, I’ll be sitting at my window as soon as there’s the slightest sliver of orange tinged sky, waiting and looking for my husband’s truck.  The panic attacks will start to ease off then because I know he’ll be there and we’ll be going home soon.  Home is such a good word when you’ve been somewhere you don’t want to be.

The vets say that my dog is sick and might have to be put down but he wants to try these pills first before he runs blood and other tests to give him a better idea.  But we’re pretty sure what the outcome is going to be.  I hate to have to do it but I won’t let my dog suffer.

So last night my husband took us to a place to look at puppies.  The picture to the right is Luke, my new Rottweiler.   On the ride home my husband told me happy valentine’s day but I’m considering it a shared gift.  He’s trying to make me feel better by buying me a puppy to love, we’ll have a new dog that the kids love if something should happen to the dog we have now and I think he may need some cheering up and be upset about our dog too.  Though he’d never show it or say it.

It’s been a long, sort of depressing couple of days but I expect a full recovery sometime soon.