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The First Lurch (non-Munsters)

so far so goodGood morning gothlings.  It’s a good thing this week is a trial run for my schedule because I’ve had my first lurch in it.  My 8 year old decided to be completely nocturnal last night.  I can’t blame her.  It isn’t as if I haven’t done it and, who knows, it may be genetic.  So the sleep that I was getting has been cut very short for today.  The key is to not let it hold me back from keeping to my plans for today.  Yesterday went great.  I finished all the stuff for my pre-op, ran errands, cleaned and wrote.  Perfection for me and that never happens.  Homework was breezed through, everyone ate dinner without complaint and not long after, I fell asleep earlier than usual.  11;30 I hear a bedroom door open and I know it means my doom for the rest of the night.  Our in her nightgown comes my little computer junkie.  It’s obviously game time.

So I let her play for a while until she got bored and I kicked her off.  Then she wanted her iPad which is still, at this moment, charging because she drained the battery playing with it until it has absolutely no charge left in it at all.  Luckily I found one of the other kids’ Nintendo DSIs and have her placated with that so I can do the blog and write some before the rest of the brood begins to stir.  We have to pause here for a new cup of coffee. 🙂

I guess the plan is to stick to the plan.  That’s what a trial period is for, right?  To make sure you can make things work even when things go awry.  It’ll be back to cleaning, writing, getting kids to school, writing and whatever else might befall me.  Just as long as I write.


So Far So Good

mistakess witchGood morning my darklings.  Well we’ve entered day two of my self imposed schedule and so far so good.  Once again I’ve got my coffee and cigarettes and I’m ready to do my blog.  There’s nothing right now to take my mind off of it except where the new book will be going this morning.  The dishes are washing in the dishwasher and a batch of clothes are in the dryer.  The only problem with that is that by the time that’s done I’ll have a bunch of baskets of clothes to put away and that’s my least favorite part.  I’d rather scrub the bathrooms. lol

But anyway it seems that my adhering to a schedule is having an effect on the kids.  Homework was done as soon as we got home followed by dinner and baths and then bed without a hitch.  That gave me time to do some more cleaning before I started writing on the older book.

I’m not one for schedules but if this keeps up, I’m going to do my best to stick to it.  I’m getting my writing done the way I like and the house doesn’t look like I’m getting my writing done the way I like. lol  What a shame that in two weeks I’ll go in for my surgery and it will all go to hell.  I’ll just have to start it over again.  If I can get this ingrained in all of us before March 12th, maybe it will be easy to go back to it when I’m done with recovery.  One can only hope, right.  And if that doesn’t work, a little witchcraft never hurt anyone. 🙂

Even I Should Set Up a Schedule

hanging moonGood very early morning my darklings and gothlings.  I believe I’m working my way to becoming more and more nocturnal.  This will mean extra sleepiness during the day since I live with and am responsible for day dwellers but I can’t help who I am.  3 am comes and my internal clock goes off.  So before me sits a fresh pack of cigarettes, a fresh cup of coffee creamed and sweetened to the extreme and below me the washer and dryer are doing their things.  The moon hasn’t set and the stars are still sparkling.  There’s no hint of the sun stretching up into the sky in the east.

Instead of wasting this time trying to go back to sleep, I’ve decided to use it.  I’m awake and I’ve already complained about how bad TV can be at this time in the morning.  Plus, this will give me uninterrupted writing time in between loads of laundry or straightening up.  At least straightening as much as I can while everyone’s asleep. 🙂

But I’ve come to accept this routine since there seems no changing it.  I just have to change my schedule.  Yes my husband still has to go to work and the kids still have to get ready for school but there are hours of the morning ticking away while I was spending time waiting for the day to start.  Now I can write my blog, get some of the mundane things done and write on the new book.  Then the morning rush will come but after that, I’m alone with the dogs.  The puppy, by the way, has taken to lying at my feet while I write and it’s über cute.  Anyway, I can finish up the things I started that couldn’t be finished because of the sleepers and maybe then catch a little nap to make up for what I’m missing at night now.  Then I can get up and work on my other book before it’s time to gather kids from school, do homework and the dinner thing.

I believe this may be the key to making things work.  This morning, or maybe what’s left of the week, will be a trial run to see if this is a plausible idea.  So wish me luck please because if I have to go back to measuring time in episodes of Three’s Company, I may lose what’s left of my mind. lol

It’s Still Flowing

evangelineGood mid-morning my darklings.  The new book is still flowing smoothly.  The ideas are coming faster than I can get them down now.  It’s great because, as a writer, it feels so good when a book comes to you and just keeps adding to itself.  It’s almost like you’re a portal to the story instead of the writer.  As if it’s sitting out there waiting to be told and the right person to write it.

I can only hope that it keeps going this way but it’s too early to tell.  It’s makes me happy though.  Of course doing what you love should make you happy.  So today is going to be devoted to writing about my dark angel and seeing what she does with her life.

This post is a short one but the book is taking over and I need to write.  I hope you all have a good day and find a little goth to make you happy like it’s made me. 🙂

Taken Root

pegasusGood morning my darklings.  Before I start the blog let me explain the picture.  My youngest daughter was with me while I was searching out pictures that are more me and more relative to my blog when she saw this one.  It’s still fantasy so I guess it’s acceptable, just not something I would have picked since I was much younger.  It is pretty though. 🙂

Anyway, I started writing the other book yesterday.  There was no way around it and I couldn’t help myself.  So now I’m a chapter in.  A title, the first line and the first chapter; there’s no turning back now.  It will, at some point, need to be finished.  Right now I’m liking this one more than the other since the other is giving me such a hard time lately and this one is just flowing.  No hiccups or haults so it’s meant to be I suppose.

But I’m left with the original WIP sitting there, weighing on my mind just waiting for the attention it needs to be finished so I can begin the dreadful art of editing.  But at this point I’d be happy for the book to go smoothly so I could get to the editing.  I just can’t seem to get around this new book that’s occupying so much space on my mind.

So today’s goal is to focus on the old and the new and try to get work done on both of them.  I wonder sometimes if you have to be bipolar to be able to be a writer and flip back and forth between characters and stories or if it’s just part of the gift of writing. 🙂

waitingGood morning darklings.  Yes, it’s still dark outside and if I could be close to normal even with sleeping, that’s what I would be doing instead of writing a blog and brewing the day’s first pot of coffee at 4:30 am.  I also wouldn’t have had the guy that was working on my mother’s house come up to me and ask me if I knew how to cleanse a crystal yesterday out of the blue either.  Do I know how?  I can think of four off the top of my head right now.  Obviously he didn’t have much knowledge into witch craft or he would have also asked how to charge the crystal afterwards as well, but his intent should be enough to get it going and he didn’t share, so I just answered his questions.  But I digress.

I’m awake and I think it’s in large portion that I have a new idea and no amount of promises to myself to finish this WIP will let this new idea settle in my head and wait its turn.  I’ve got to start writing it.  I don’t want to lose the idea anyway but once again I’ll have my mind split between to stories.  Sometimes writing is like love, you never know when it’s going to show up in your life and when something good comes along you’ve got to grab it, hold on and see it through.  So that’s what I’ll do for both stories now.  Again.

I’m still in the blissful, hopeful stage for this one.  Even as I sit here writing this ideas are coming together, piece working themselves into the beginning and into the plot.  Even as my eyes are burning because there was not enough sleep last night, the story won’t let me go back.  So I’ve got a cup of coffee in front of me, a fresh pack of cigarettes for chain-smoking and my puppy sleeping in his bed next to where I write.  None of these things say, “Go catch a few more hours Krista.”  They say, “Finish up this blog and get started on the new book.”  All reading will come to an almost hault until I reach the point that I can relax in the story.

But really, I guess, I’m grateful.  There’s nothing worse than a writer who can’t write.  An imagination crippled is a great disability for art and somehow mine has healed itself for the time being.  So now it’s off to write before everyone wakes up and the story slides to the back of my mind where it might never be seen again.  Wish me luck that it looks and reads as good on the computer as the pictures do in my head. 🙂

xanax fairyGood morning my lovely/handsome darklings.  This is actually a good morning.  Sleep involved itself with me last night thanks in part being able to relax to a refilled prescription of Xanax.  I’m a high strung kind of girl and sometimes witch craft isn’t the cure for what ails you.  Occasionally a doctor has to be involved to get you through something.  None of the praying or spells or mixtures of herbs I had tried alleviated my anwiety.  Maybe it’s a falter in my ability, maybe it’s just the way it is but to be able to relax and sleep, I’ll take that little oval pill.  This morning I feel like I can get things done, the mundane house work, the writing and the witch craft.  Rest is an amazing thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still love the night and bright sunlight still hurts my eyes, but the rest of my family are normal day time functioning people and I have to cut my time between their time and my own.  The sleepless puffiness around my eyes may even be reduced enough for some make-up today so I can look human.  Yay!  Granted it will be a gothy human but if you know and love me, you must love my gothy weirdness. 🙂

Plus it’s Friday.  Love spell day and we know I love my love spells.  Maybe I’ll just take it easy today with a simple Sweet Thoughts spell to get back in the groove of things.

As far as writing goes today, I’ll be happy with a couple of pages, also to get back into the groove of that.  I need to reaquaint myself with my characters, get back into their heads and feel them and what they feel so I can tell the story properly instead of stubbornly pushing it forward.  I’m looking for that feeling every writer gets when the story flows right.  When the words just seem to come to you and pour out through your fingertips and onto the screen and you just know it’s good.

If I can manage that I’ll know things are getting better and it will have been a good day.  So I wish all of us a good Friday, full of love and creation of whatever sort you do.  It’s all magic.

Insomnia in Intervals

bored witchGood morning darklings.  Of course, though it is morning, the facts that I’m an east coast girl and it’s still pitch dark outside mean that most of my darkling, unless nocturnal by nature, should still be snuggled up in their beds.  How jealous am I?  Very.  A good portion of my night/morning was spent measuring time awake by half hour shows and infomercials.  I tried to write but that wasn’t working.  I tried to edit but couldn’t help but want to at least lay down.

I did have some company in the puppy.  But I have to say he occasionally creeps me out a little.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s night and everyone else is asleep that he’s on high alert or if it’s just some puppy thing, but he has a habit of letting out a low growl and padding around the house.  Sometimes he gives his deepest puppy woof.  I wonder what he’s seeing or sensing that I’m not.  Is he my puppy familiar?  🙂  My Rottweiler supernatural alert system?

It’s amazing what you think about when you’re tired and have nothing to do.  There are worse ways to spend the time I guess than ghost hunting your house with your dog.  Especially when you alternative is another round of infomercials about thinning hair. lol  Another couple of nights and I can start filming with my cell phone and set up my own YouTube channel.

So my suggestion to other sleep deprived, insomniac writers is to get a pet and seek out the creepiness around you to kill the time.  Who knows what will find or hallucinate as the nights pass?

I Got My Valentine’s Gift Early

Luke's 1st picGood afternoon my darklings.  I bet you thought I was taking another hiatus, didn’t you?  Nope just a little break so I wasn’t in your face everyday. lol  And I’ve had a lot of stuff to do so I’ve been really busy.  I even broke my FaceBook addiction.  If I’m on the computer, I’m usually just writing and not much else.  That’s when I can find time to do that much.

So, I’ll keep this as light TMI as I can and just say I’ve been busy going to doctors and vets.  The doctors say I’m having surgery March 12th.  I don’t know if it’s considered major or not.  Maybe I should ask someone.   Anyway, it has me kinda bummed out.  I don’t like surgery or hospitals and really don’t like staying overnight in one.  I can practically assure you that unless they dope me heavily, I’ll be sitting at my window as soon as there’s the slightest sliver of orange tinged sky, waiting and looking for my husband’s truck.  The panic attacks will start to ease off then because I know he’ll be there and we’ll be going home soon.  Home is such a good word when you’ve been somewhere you don’t want to be.

The vets say that my dog is sick and might have to be put down but he wants to try these pills first before he runs blood and other tests to give him a better idea.  But we’re pretty sure what the outcome is going to be.  I hate to have to do it but I won’t let my dog suffer.

So last night my husband took us to a place to look at puppies.  The picture to the right is Luke, my new Rottweiler.   On the ride home my husband told me happy valentine’s day but I’m considering it a shared gift.  He’s trying to make me feel better by buying me a puppy to love, we’ll have a new dog that the kids love if something should happen to the dog we have now and I think he may need some cheering up and be upset about our dog too.  Though he’d never show it or say it.

It’s been a long, sort of depressing couple of days but I expect a full recovery sometime soon.

Wander Thoughts

museFor what seemed the millionth time she circled the large pond, lost deep in her thoughts.  Her bared feet knew the path and led her path.  The trees were beginning to lose their colored leaves and created a soft cushion for her step upon and the short train of her white dress was the only thing that rustled or made a sound.  Occasionally there was the splash of a swan diving its head into the water after food but none of that disturbed her thoughts.  She no longer noticed how the tangles of branches would bend out of her way as she paced her circle.

Once, once a summer ago, she would be sitting on her rock, dangling her feet in her pond, appreciating the beauty that surrounded her.  An underground stream fed and was fed from the bottom of the pond keeping the water fresh and clear, stocked with the silver darting fish that the swans fed from.  The trees grew close to drink from the fresh magical water, causing them to grow stronger and taller, creating the canopy overhead that the sun had to filter through on even the brightest summer day.  She would reach down and sweep her hand through the water, wetting the bell sleeve of her gown, and release enough of her magic to let trees have enough of the magical water to last through the winter.  In the colder autumns she would push extra in just in case it was cold enough for the water to freeze over.  Her pond never. would.

She would catch a glimpse of her face, blond hair held back by woven flowers that grew there falling around her shoulders.  Her blue sky eye would be transitioning to a shimmering silver, the first of the changes and one of the things that marked her as the princess.  That and her size once the change was complete.  The she would lean back, happy and calm, enjoying the sounds of the woods around her and the water trickling and softly splashing against the few rocks in her pond.  She only had to wait for her flock to come home.

But that was before he’d found her pond.  In all the time she’d been changing into a swan and leading them south for the winter, no one had ever found them.  Somehow he had.  At first she used her magic on him to convince him it was a dream but he came back.  Again and again, with eyes warm like her beloved summers when he and her flock could take their human forms, hand that were rough from work but gentle when they touched her.  No other had ever dared touched the Princess Swan of Hidden Pond.  Finally he kissed her and the heat and passion he made her feel fully awakened her human side.

Now as she paced, waiting for him, waiting to tell him goodbye for the season, she understood why some of her swans were so sad in a moment she had always felt so grand and pure.  Swans mate for life and some were leaving a loved one behind for a season as she was about to do.

She was so lost in her thoughts of confusion and sorrow over leaving, she didn’t hear him come behind and wrap his arms around her waist.  She gasped and smiled despite everything else she was feeling and leaned back into the strong arms and chest she’d come to covet the summer.  It somehow made her feel better and worse.

“Is it time?” he asked without turning her to face him.

Unable to face him, she nodded and said, “It is.”  She extended her hand to the pond which had become full of her flock as she paced.  “I will be back though I you wait for me.”  She added the last in desperation.  Most humans did not, could not see any future in it but she believed and hoped he would be different like some of the others, that he possessed that “love conquers all” gene.

She turned to face him, drowning in his eyes as she could see him doing the same until she was drowning in his kisses.  I was a longing kiss but did not feel like good-bye.  “I will be here when you come back,” he whispered, his forehead touching hers, his eyes closed.

The Princess stepped back from his embrace and allowed the change that had been pulling on her and she’d been denying take her.  He’d seen her as both swan and human and knew her by her eyes among the others, but he’d never seen the change.  He’d always thought it would be painful but she slid from one form to another as gracefully as she did everything.  With a last look she joined her fellows in the water and a few commanding calls later, the pond erupted in water and shimmering white feathers as the flew upward through the branches and disappeared.

He gathered her dress and promised himself that he would return everyday that winter allowed it if only to ease the pain of the part of him that had just flown away.

Then, one day as he stood by her lake, looking over it, thinking of the warm days that had been so full instead of the stark trees and chilly air, a silver eyed swan swam towards him.