storm witchGood morning gothlings.  There was an all night rainstorm last night.  There’s something about the rain that makes me want to write, or cast spells but writing won last night.  Maybe it’s the kind of stuff that I write that makes me that way.  Ever since I was little I loved thunderstorms.  My dad would hold me up at the front door so we could watch the lightning and that was the beginning but I never grew out of it.

Give me my favorites, a thunderstorm, rain like last night or a steady spring rain that you can open your windows too and I have to write something.  I think the spring rain is my favorite.  There’s no rush to that rain.  The curtains billow with the slightly chilled air that can be cured with a cup of coffee.  You can look outside and see the grass and trees look greener, the flowers bend and sway, there’s the constant, calming patter as the drops bounce off the world around you and you have time to sit and contemplate what you’re writing.  The clouds billow in different shades of gray and darken your house, making it just right to maybe light a few candles and a stick of incense.

It’s almost like casting a spell on myself, reaching that calm meditative state where I can really let my muse in and listen to her.  The writing just feels better.  It seems right the first time around.  Those are the perfect times.  The times when my ideas come faster than I can type.  The times when the people who don’t understand why I bother to keep writing after all this time will never understand.  When your imagination is free and flowing and you don’t want to stop.  Kind of like falling in love for the first time.  Really, why would we write if we weren’t in love with it?  That’s a magic every writer has.  🙂