happy fairyGood morning my darklings.  And it is a pretty good morning too. 🙂  I still woke up way too early but last night I also feel asleep way to early as well and I think I can feel my normal levels of weirdness returning.  The witch book has been sent off to Terrie so there hasn’t been anything else on my mind while I’m writing A Familiar Nightmare.

I had been getting worried that the book wouldn’t be long enough but with no thoughts of herbs or spells traipsing through my head anymore, I can clearly see the direction the book needs to go in to arrive at the ending I want.  That only makes me feel better.  I’ve gone from that borderline place to normal crazy which is my regular comfortable place.

Or it could be that the kids go back to school today and, all by itself, deserves a Snoopy Dance. 🙂  I really do love a break from the normal schedule and having them home for a while but this has been a week and a half of scheduling craziness.  And not the safe, happy crazy I talk about.  Last Monday was a day off followed by two-hour early dismissals the rest of the week, followed by Monday and Tuesday off of this week.  But…a wrench was tossed in the early dismissals when it snowed and they got a two-hour delay.  That meant the early dismissal was canceled so you had to flip-flop everything for that one day.  So going back to yet another normal thing is making me happy this morning too.

I got some not so great news yesterday that a doctor will be calling me today to explain everything, but that just isn’t enough right now to dull the fact that I slept, can write freely and the kids are going back to school.  Oh!  And for some freak of nature it’s gone from 15 to 20 degrees for that past week to it’s supposed to be 68 degrees today.  Not putting everyone in layers of clothes, heavy coats, hats and gloves is awesome too.  They waddle around like ducks or the kid brother from A Christmas Story. lol  It’ll be jeans, t-shirts and jackets today! 🙂