crazy angelGood Morning gothlings.  It’s been another night of waking up at 1am and when you add that to all the other nights that aren’t quite that bad, but still not normal, I think I’m starting to go a little bit crazy.  Or crazier than usual. 🙂  Take it from me, you need to sleep.  I mean, I assume so.  It seems very nice, those brief, dark escapes from reality where nothing in the world matters.

I read a study once where two group of normally sleeping people participated.  One group was allowed to sleep like they always did but the other group was woken up just before the entered R.E.M. sleep.  There were no behavioral changes in the first group but the second group began to get very irritable.  And the longer they went with out the worse it got.  Some experienced hallucinations.  Some became overly emotional about everything.  The study concluded that humans don’t just enter R.E.M., where the subconscious mind takes over and we begin to dream, isn’t just a thing that happens while we sleep but a necessary part of sleep or we will go insane.  That’s the time when we really rest.  That’s the time I’d really like.  I don’t need any help getting on the crazy train. lol

There’s even superstitions all over the world about sleeping, like the first one to go to sleep on the Bridal night will be the first one in the relationship to die.  Which direction your bed faces makes a difference.  One direction will make you live longer, another means you’ll travel.  Scientists have even studied this and say that a bed facing a Southerly position provides the best sleep though they don’t know why.

Maybe, by witchy standards, it has to do with balance.  You’re laying pointing North and South, like the saying, “As above, so below.”  Or maybe it’s a scientific thing, sleeping between the magnetic poles of the earth.  I don’t know.  I’m writing the ramble of the sleepless and borderline bat crazy. lol  I think I’ll be rearranging furniture for a while to see if it works.  I’ll let you know.