editing witch07 The Diary of Jane

Good morning my lovely and handsome witchlings.  I have finished the first edit of the witch book.  There are a lot of changes to make but the second edit will be that much easier.  As a perk for the small spell working, I’ve added some music from one of my favorite bands if you want to click the link and listen to it.  It should work fine. lol  It’s Breaking Benjamin.  Love them.  And it doesn’t hurt that Benjamin Burnely is fine to look at. 🙂  But anyway…

Another day or two and my slate will be completely clear to focus solely on my real WIP.  It’s about halfway through and the other half should come easier if I’m not thinking about another book that should have been done a while ago.  I’ve got to give love to Terrie for not being a mean or pushy agent but a sweetheart instead.  🙂

The kids are off for the next two days so it’ll be a fight to get to the computer but I’ll catch up fast enough.  Even if it’s in little pieces at a time.  It all add up in the end until I can type the The End. lol  Then I’ll be editing again but I have the spell to help me now and I’m going to use it.  Some ginger, a bay leaf, sage and cinnamon, my wish and an orange candle.   I don’t consider it cheating.  It’s using my talents to the best of my abilities. 😉

As for now, though, it’s rewrite, re-edit and then done the witchy book.  That first edit is just the hardest.  And I promise to try not to post about editing this book anymore. 🙂