flower vampGood morning my darklings. So I’ve been editing the witchy book and I can’t believe the amount of mistakes I’ve made in just a few pages. Was I not paying attention as I wrote? Was I drunk and now sober me is paying the price? lol That’s a joke. I couldn’t have been drinking the whole time I was writing. lol  I have a habit of holding my pen in my mouth while I edit and the other night, since I’m partially nocturnal, I fell asleep with my pen there and when I woke up and hour later, it was still in my mouth and the pages were still in my hands.  Was I tired or hiding from the editing in dreamland?  I honesty think I was hiding. 🙂

But I wrote in a previous post about wishing I had a spell that would do editing for me or something like that and there might be a spell I can tweak to at least help me along somewhat.  It might be too simple but if I mixed some herbs associated with success with the herbs for a wish spell and wished that the errors stood out a bit more, the editing might be easier.  I think I’ll give it a try to see how it works.  If that doesn’t do anything I’ll just have to step it up to something stronger.  😉

Then I can open one of those internet stores that sells spells for people. lol  I know it’s $40 to $60 dollars for a Tarot card reading, which is timed, plus you should tip.  I’ve never charged for a reading but I’ve seen what the prices are for people who claim to do spells for others on-line.  I could make a small fortune and hire and editor.  Then I can send Terrie a beautiful, ready to go, she just has to read it and not fix anything because I didn’t miss anything book.  🙂