confessing witchGood Morning my darklings.  I feel that I’m ready to confess my addictions.  They say that’s an important part of recovery.  So here I am bearing them for you to read.  Some of them you know already.  I can’t go a day without my coffee.  I smoke and I like doing it even though I know it’s slowly killing me.  I will eat spicy Mexican food until I feel like I might explode.  I spend way too much money on music.  And the things that I know will never stop, I love magic and casting spells and, yes, I admit…I’m a book junkie.

I can’t wait until I have finished reading one book until I’m buying more.  And now that I’ve set everything up wirelessly, I don’t even have to be hooked up to my computer to do it.  My dealer sits in the palm of my hand.

There is a good reason for all the reading though.  I’ve got to keep up on the trends of the genres I write in.  Zombies are big now.  Vampires are always going to have devotees but Twilight kind of screwed the vampire writer.  As a bibliophile, yes I read the whole series.  But none of my vampires, good or bad, ever, ever sparkled. lol  No they were good.  They just kind of overloaded the market and now you’ve got to find other paranormals to write about.  And I’m not into writing about zombies, how many different ways can a virus spread or there be some apocalyptic end of the world?  Why not just leave it at the original black and white Night of the Living Dead?  Lycanthropes are cool but I’ve never tried writing about them and they’re starting to show up a lot more than they used to as well.  Can we blame Twilight for that one too?  🙂

Then there’s horror.  That I in adult short stories most of the time.  The big deal there now is possession in some form or another.  I just have to interject another movie here and say the book the Exorcist by William Peter Blatty (partially based on a true story about a boy from my state) is much better than the movie.  But anyway, the a many different ways to go with horror.  I mean you can do horror with just humans, which reminds me the book Texas Chainsaw Masacre written by Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel is also a much better book.  But both the movies are awesome.

Anyway, there you have it darklings.  My confessions of addictions, my excuse for reading so much besides my love of books and a couple of movies that I think made better books.  Just for the record, I think the Twilight series was better as books too and that whole cutting the last book into two movie like Harry Potter is crappy.  But that’s just my opinion. 🙂