pink witchbook of shadowsGood morning my lovely spirited witchlings.  I think I’ve finished my first book on witchcraft.  That alone deserves a Snoopy dance.  Of course it still needs to be edited and okayed by my agent, but as of right now it’s at least complete.

This is a beginner’s book so I did some research on the lengths of those books since I had no idea when I started.  I decided to write it basically like I write this blog, without the complaining. 🙂  It’s written in my own first person voice and I explain things and give advice.

Then I break it down into sections of things that are a witch must know without overloading it.  Like I said, it’s a beginners book so I couldn’t just dump a million herbs, stones and crystals on anyone.  I I have to look things up and check sometimes too.

Then, at the very end, is the spell section.  Simple spells that aren’t full of hard to find ingredients and should work.  If I had to guess, that would be the place in the book most little witches will turn to first.  I probably would 🙂 but I also have a real interest in the crystals and stones, what attributes they add to spell.  I’m an earth sign so maybe I’m naturally drawn to them, I don’t know.  But this post isn’t about me it’s about the book and the dreaded editing.

Writing a book isn’t easy but editing is hard.  For me at least.  I wish I had a spell for that. 🙂