muse 2biancaGood morning my darklings.  Last night a friend of mine and I were talking about the Muses and writing.  I knew that there were nine of them but I wasn’t sure what each one did so I checked up on it and of course I’m going to share what I learned with you.  I picked two pictures of what I thought they might look like

1. Calliope:  Epic Poetry

2. Clio:  History (the picture on the left)

3. Erato:  Love Poetry

4. Eurerpe:  Song and Elegiac Poetry

5. Melpomene:  Tragedy

6. Polyhumnia:  Hymns

7. Terpischore:  Dance

8. Thalia:  Comedy

9. Unrania:  Astronomy (pictured to the right)

Another writer friend of mine has started teaching creative writing courses on top of everything else he’s doing, like his regular job and having three books that need to be done for publication of first edits in the next couple of months.  And I wondered, as much as I had always wanted to take a class like that, what if he were to get a classroom of students who have no talent.  Because I believe that you must have a talent for writing to begin with and a Muse may happen along to help you out with powers of inspiration.  But could someone with no writing talent become a great writer with a devoted Muse?  Could a great writer fall by the wayside without their attention?

I have plenty of spells to call to the Muses but I don’t usually use them.  I write on my own most of the time and hope that I catch the attention of a Muse to get a little jolt off their touch upon my shoulder to give me a new view of what I’m writing, a scene I hadn’t thought of that would add depth to my story.  So I guess in my, personal opinion, you must first have talent, then must be able to rely on that talent and hope that a Muse will take an interest.  How do you feel about it all?  Muses?  No Muses?  A combination of the two?