waterfall fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my book, a lot of start and stop for the past couple of days.  So I figured I’d try to submitted an old short story, something different to get a break from what I usually write but still kind of dark and it was rejected.  But the burn of rejection was soothed some by a friend and the fact that it was a personal rejection that told me specifically why they didn’t want it and asked that I submit something else.  So I’ll take that to mean that  how I write wasn’t the issue but it was the story topic  And a new story was promptly sent off.  It was the last short story I have that is worthy of being read by someone other than me. lol  But I like to think of creativity and definitely imagination like the waterfall in the fairy picture to the right.  It comes from somewhere that you may not know or understand, maybe shouldn’t even question and just accept the gift of it, and it’s unending.

So today I’ll go back to my real book and give it another try to see if the flow has come back.  If not, I’ll write until there’s nothing left for today and then move on to another short story.  One that will be completely new.  And I’ll keep it up until the breakthrough comes and my WIP starts running through me like it was just days ago.  If this is some new writing thing I’m going through where I have to do both, I’ll do both.

Who know?  Some of them might get accepted and if it helps me get my story to Terrie, my wonderful agent, then that’s what I’ll do.  The rejection burn isn’t too terrible anyway.  You might get down for a little bit but that’s one of those dangers of writing that we have to accept.  Not everyone is going to like what we put down.  But we have the upper hand in these things.  We have a talent that came with us like the ability to breathe.  And for most of us not writing would be like not breathing, even though we do hold our breaths while we wait for acceptance or rejection. 🙂