reading tarot 2Good morning my darklings.  I’ve been up most of the night again but that’s just due to my own mind racing all of the time with the  things I could and should be doing, or will be doing.  So most of the night I was up writing and that was really good.  I didn’t have to make it happen.  The words flowed in that sweet feeling when you know your stringing your story together in the direction it’s supposed to go.  Even I’m not sure at this point how the story will end but I know for a fact that I’m headed in the right direction.  I’ll give up a lot of sleep for that because in the long run, when it’s done being written and just has to be edited, I think I’ll be able to sleep a lot more and peacefully.

So after I wrote and sleep still didn’t come, I still felt good enough from writing that I figured with everyone else sleeping, it would be safe for me to practice some of my other craft.  I studied up on things like a good little witch should and I picked out a couple to do.  I finished up a spell for a friend and had another to do.

By the time I was done with that, and it’s only because the kids are waking up and one can’t decided of what I do is mysterious or scary so I try not to let him see do witchcraft, I had to stop and it was coffee time.  While I waited for the coffee to brew, I read my cards.  surprisingly they weren’t as bad as they usually are so a really Yay on that one. 🙂

Now three fifths of the house is awake and the sun is a bit more than peeking up around the other houses.  Witch time is over.  Now it’s time to slip back into wife and mommy mode.  Luckily I can keep the writer hat all day when there’s time to fit it in and I can still feel the story rolling around in my head so there’s more to be written today.  Or tonight, whenever the chance comes.  Last night, even without sleep was a pretty good night, so I have hope that today will be a good day too.