purple fairy on swingGood Morning my darklings.  First I have to say all my whining yesterday was pretty much for nothing.  It never snowed or sleeted and the dentist, though still scary, wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  So thank you all for listening to me complain.

So recently a friend of mine read an old short story I’d written that had been rejected a few times.  He liked it enough that I liked it again and this morning, I re-submitted it in the hopes that another writer enjoying it meant maybe I just hadn’t submitted to the right place.  I’ll leave the name of the story out just in case it gets rejected again. lol  But it was a strange thing to do.  I went over the magazine’s word count and there was just nothing that could be edited out.  It’s a short story.  There shouldn’t be a whole lot of frivolous words to begin with.  The point is that you can still submit an overage story but you have to query first and send some of the story along with it.  I haven’t, thankfully, had to write one of those since the one I sent to AKA before Terrie, once again thankfully, became my agent.  So now I wait to see if the query will be rejected before I even get a chance with the rest of the story that naturally gets better.  But I got to do that without cutting into the time I would spend on my WIP.  The waiting is terrible as I’m sure any other writer reading this knows.  Patience is definitely not my best virtue. 🙂

Then today I get to spend with just my oldest son.  He’s finished his mid-terms so he doesn’t have school today while the little ones still do.  And you know once they hit those teenage years you’re immediately uncool to be seen with but for some reason I’m being allowed today so I’ll take it. 🙂  So today is kind of a special day, maybe even a good day.

I’m also considering cutting the blog down to just two or three times a week instead of everyday.  I don’t want to overload everyone with  posts but I can’t let myself fall into that pit where I’ll go weeks or months without posting anything.  Do any of you have any thoughts on that?  I’d like to hear them if you do. 🙂