scary dentistScary ClownGood morning my lovelies and gentlemen.  I have a question that is open for debate.  Are dentists as scary as clowns?  It’s a draw for me since a have a fear of both of them.  I know some people may see a jolly guy in a costume trying to make you laugh but I see someone who’s hiding behind a mask of impenetrable make-up and even clothes that hide their shape and hair color acting like really crazy people hopped up on speed.

A dentist shouldn’t be scary.  It should just be a normal trip to a professional for some kind of work to be done and that’s it.  But I’ve had a few run ins with mean dentists and a wisdom teeth extraction that was traumatizing and I’ve been afraid of the dentist ever since.

Clowns I can avoid though.  I like having teeth, so the dentist is like a nightmarish necessity.  So maybe dentists are worse.  I’m not sure.  I have a dental appointment today so right now I’d rather face down a clown.  I have two friends who are also scared of dentists and their spouses drive them there.  One gets a shot to calm him down and the other has prescription of something from her dentist to take to calm her down for her appointments.  Where do find those guys?  I get a hard time for an extra shot of Novocaine.  Seriously.

So I’ll be headed to the dentist alone and stressed out.  I guess today’s post is meant to be cathartic but who knows if it will work?  I’ll just sit in the chair try to take deep breaths, close my eyss and hope for the best.