ghost girlGood morning my darklings.  Guess who’s making her little presence known again?  Yes, it would be my little ghost girl who stayed behind.  She hasn’t been getting much attention lately.  I’ve been busy and this is one of the things the assistant wouldn’t do.  But I’ve had a lot to do and she’s kind of fallen to the wayside and I have had to put all her normal antics on the back burner because I just keep falling further behind.  But, as any other little girl would do, she’s stepped things up a bit to get noticed.

Like most people who are married with kids, my evenings are usually spent watching TV after all the other stuff is done.  Somehow I got a seat that I normally don’t sit in that looks down the hallway which was dark since non of the kids were in their bedrooms and a constant cold breeze kept coming up.  Not low like cold air would be but about chest height while I was sitting.  I didn’t think much of it at first.  Then within the next couple of days, I put together some Christmas toys the kids hadn’t been interested in at first but now love for whatever reason and that’s when she pushed things a notch.

Sunday night I was at the computer and I heard my husband call me from the other end of the house.  So I started to go see what he wanted and he was laying on the sofa watching TV.  He’d never called for me.  Ok, weird.  Then very early Monday morning my doorbell rings.  It has a distinct ring because it’s broken.  It doesn’t ring but kind of softly makes this “errrrrrr” sound.  Now I’m wondering who it could be so early.  The kids are asleep.  The dog hasn’t gotten out of the yard because even she has woken up to be let out yet.  But I go to the door, which is literally about fifteen steps from where I’m sitting right now, and open it.  No one anywhere.  And finally I dreamed about her last night.  I know this one could just be because now she’s on my mind but it’s still a first and I’m still going to tell you about it. 🙂  I’ll cut it short though.   was running in the rain down a street in the neighborhood that I grew up in to a little girl who I just knew I had to get to.  There was nothing dangerous around, just that it was late, dark, cold and raining.  And she had no one and nowhere to go.  The closer I got the more I recognized who it was but it didn’t change the feeling of the need to get her and scoop her up.  I did get to her and do that and the dream ended.

So naturally, some of you think I’m a serious nutjob if you even read this far.  Or, you know my blog well enough to know I really believe what I’m writing whether you believe or not, it’s your choice.  But I’m pretty sure I’ve got a roughly 8-year-old ghost girl throwing a little temper tantrum.  So today, no matter what, I’ll burn some new fairy incense I bought that’s sparkly and spend some of my time talking out loud to her.  There’s no harm in that and if she picked this family to get attention from, then there must be a reason.  So if that’s all she wants, that’s what she’ll get.  I wish I had a name for her though.