serious witchGood morning my darklings.  I hope you all had good weekends.  I know I posted only once and it mostly about lack of sleep but that does not ever mean life slows down.  There’s still a lot to do today.  I need an assistant to do all my mundane stuff so I can just sit here and write.  If I could pay someone to take care of my life for me, this book would have been done, edited and turned in to my agent already.  I might even have come up with something for book 3 but I won’t let myself look that far ahead until I finish this one or I’ll want to write them both and I’m already working this book and partially my witch book now.  I think three books might be more than I can handle.  I’d sit in front of the computer and waste time just deciding which book I wanted to work on or needed the most tending.

There are somethings, besides my writing, that I’d have to myself.  Of course these are things that I want to spend my time doing anyway.  I have some spells to work for friends today and since I’m doing that and I’ll have my altar set up anyway, I may throw one in for myself. 🙂 , a Tarot card reading and for my friends I want to do a good job.  I wish there was somewhere that I could just keep my altar set up so I didn’t have to waste even more time setting it up.  Or that I didn’t have to keep my witch things in a box that has begun to grow too small.  I guess that’s what I get for living in a house of people who think I’m a heathen or scary or weird. lol  Oh well.  One day in that writing room that I’ll eventually have….

Taking the kids to school could be the assistants job. 🙂  My shrink appointment for panic attacks, I think I’d still do myself. lol  But maybe I could be driven there.  Grocery store and cleaning?  Pass.  Laundry?  Definitely going off my list.  I’d still take care of the bills though.  The assistant doesn’t need to know that I really can’t afford him or her. lol  The point is, this all still has to get done.  I don’t know how people work and write at the same time.  I know I did it before I had the kids but I don’t remember how.  And now it’s time to start.