EnigmaGood morning my gothlings.  On an up note, it’s Friday!  (insert cheering here)  On the downside, I don’t think I can top my last couple of posts.  We had the day of the week screw up.  The explanation of the day of the week screw up.  And then of course yesterday’s interview with Carrie and Mr. Bohns.  Those were some of my higher viewed post.  The thing is, they were all in a row.  Now what the heck do I write about?

I guess I’ll tell you a little story.  At the occult shop I got to, they carry hematite rings.  The deal is you wear it and it absorbs negative energy around you and we all know I have enough bad luck to wear a ring on each finger.  Anyway, if you don’t cleanse the ring it will eventually absorb all it can take and break or shatter.  Then you bury it during the night.  The first ring I had didn’t last long and literally flew off my finger and did the shatter thing.  On little ring must have broken into twelve pieces.  So my next trip the witchy shop, I got another.  I was surprised how long it was lasting; easily twice as long as the first.  Then last night it happened.  Only this time it broke into two pieces.

Did the first one absorb a big chunk of dark energy giving the second one a chance to live longer and break without shattering?  I don’t know for sure.  I’ll ask the witch that owns the store and see what she thinks because I’ve got to go back soon no.  I want some stuff to do a smudging in my house but now I need to go.  I have to have a hematite ring.  It feels weird to not have one, almost unsafe.  Not just for me but people who happen to be around me.  My husband is particularly susceptible to my bad luck.  So a trip tomorrow may be in order.