WITCHYGIRLGood morning my lovelies and gentlemen, for those of you who are out there and read this.  I woke up this morning and until a few moments ago was completely thought it was Monday.  Why on Earth would I do that to myself?  Who in their right mind would want to do Monday twice in one week?  I’m not quite all here all the time and even I got a shudder from the thought of it.

The day was planned.  I had my errand/chore schedule ready.  Writing isn’t really effected by what today of the week it is but I was gathering my witch workings and then I heard the weather on the news end with the weatherman saying, “And that’s what you can expect on this Wednesday.”  I felt both relieved and stupid. lol  I need one of those big clocks to hang over my computer, since I practically live in front of it, that tells the time, day, date and outside temperature.  The less I have to think about things that don’t involve my kids, my writing or my craft, the better off I am.  There’s too much stuff whirling around up in my head as it is now.

So this is a short one.  I have to restart some things so the day will flow better from now than it did this morning.  Nothing will screw things up like a stumbling block day and I don’t want one of those.