birthday cakeGood morning my lovely gothlings.  Today is my big brother’s birthday.  He’s broken over 40 and is now IN his forties.  heh heh >:)  He’s got me by a few years but I can’t help but think about the fact that even though I’m in my thirties, I’m going to eventually follow him into that decade.  He’ll be 46 when I turn 40.  So his birthday means mine is creeping up on me, silently, stealthily, o

na  slippery day at a time and I’ll be officially mid-thirty.  I don’t like that.

My mother was one of those woman who was 30 until she was really 33, then 32 until she was 35 ect.  My father’s advice was the same as my grandfather’s.  It doesn’t matter how many birthdays you have as long as you keep having them because otherwise it means you’re dead.  I don’t like the idea of dead either. lol

But the whole thing has got my mind churning with a short story idea.  My birthday is April 27, along with a friend of mine.  My husband’s birthday is December 27th.  What if you could gather enough people with the same birthday day and a witch with the proper spell, would it be possible that only one person took a turn each year gaining a year of age while the others didn’t until it was there turn?  Say you had 10 people all born on the 11th and the spell was cast it would take ten years for each of them to age just one.  There of course would be some twist or lynchpin in which one of the group could screw it up for the rest.  In something like that kind of spell there’s got to be a price to pay and the price isn’t always clear.  Especially when you think you’re getting what you want.  Adding a decade to your life  for the sacrifice of a year doesn’t sound so bad does it?

I think I’m going to start working on this today.  I got a good amount of work done on my real WIP yesterday so I’ve got to at least get the beginning of this story down so it doesn’t lose any mojo.  So along with my regular writing, I’ll do some research and a little short story writing today.  No pressure, just writing because it makes me happy to write weird stuff. 🙂  I hope you like reading it because it will either end up here or if I think it’s good enough, submitted somewhere.  🙂