witch readingGood morning my darklings.  I may have posted about this before but I’m not sure and in the same place I’ve been a few times and it leads to fear for my books when they’re published.  Here’s what it is.  Have you ever started a book that you knew would be at least a two book reading, the first one starts out well enough and you think Ahh two books I can lose myself in?  Then as the story goes on it kind of gets predictable but you’re so far in that you have to finish it.

Then when you finish it, there’s that annoying voice in your head that says you have to read the second book because now you’re committed to finding out how the story ends, so even if you don’t really want to, you make your way through the second book.  And pray that there isn’t a cliffhanger which only means a third.  Right now I’m about a third of the way through one these.  The books aren’t horrible but they could be so much better in places.

That’s where the fear for my books come in.  I think, and Terrie thinks, my books are excellent.  But I don’t ever want to leave a reader disappointed with what they’re reading.  I don’t feel that would happen but all of us writer’s get these moments of panic, right?  It’s not just me being an extra weirdo again is it? lol  Although if you read my blog even semi-regularly you know the panic, weird and I all go hand in hand. 😉