wednesdays witchGood morning my lovelies.  As I went against my better judgement and made my New Year resolutions, today is a good day to help me in some of those endeavors and trust me, I can always use a little help whether it’s just a nice person or something mystical.  Today is, of course, Wednesday and this day of the week is ruled by Mercury.  This is a day for spells or rituals for writers and poets.  If you’re in need of inspiration or trying to communicate with someone who just won’t listen, this day adds some extra powerful vibration to your spell.

So to add to what I’m trying to accomplish, two WIPs and some short stories, I’ll also spend part of today doing a wish spell and another called Inspiration for Writers.  I can’t allow that block to sneak back in so these will become part of my Wednesday-the-kids-are-in-school ritual.  My son told me this morning that I’m creepy with all my witch stuff so I guess I’m going into extra hiding since my husband doesn’t like it either.

Anyway, this is also a day for self-improvement and I am seriously a magnet for bad luck.  If something is going to go wrong, it’s going to happen to me.  So I’ll also be doing a Negative Energy Removal Bath which is good in two ways.  One, it removes negative energy and two, it help repel negative energy from building back up.  I think if I’m going to accomplish what I want, I’ve got to get rid of that stuff.  This will require a trip to the grocery store.  My husband has laid down a “hands of my herbs” rule, so I can’t use his anymore. lol  And this would probably use it all up anyway.  It’s all in the spirit of good things and writing, but whatever

There’s a lot to do today and I don’t want to rush through any of it, except maybe dropping the kids off at school because it’s cold out there and I’m on my last cigarette.  That can be a catastrophe.  So I’m off to start my writing witch Wednesday.  I hope you all have good writing days too, witchy or not. 🙂